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UCLA, USC's move to Big Ten may mean conferences undergo another seismic shift

But doesn't a super-conference just send us back to the 1984 Supreme Court decision when the individual conferences wanted out from under the NCAA's iron fist? This looks to be a Tower of Babel, where the larger the edifice, the more likely that schisms develop. This seems a continual process of building up and breaking down with no reason the cycle will ever find a state of affairs that will satisfy anyone.

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Kansas guard Christian Braun declares for 2022 NBA draft

JWil got off to a slow start with his legal troubles. If he's back, I expect him to be the alpha.

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Magnificent game from Remy Martin sparks top-seeded Kansas to NCAA Tournament rout of Texas Southern

A win on Saturday puts us in a tie with UK for most wins in college basketball.

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Zakiyah Franklin's season-high 25 points lead Kansas in win against West Virginia

This team is the best reason to subscribe to the +

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KU football's transfer running backs add much-needed experience to young backfield

Question: How does taking transfer portal players affect our scholarship limits? I know the JUCO transfers under a string of former HCs depleted the number of players under scholarship in the past and it concerned me these transfers may put us further behind in getting back to a full complement of scholarships.

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Kansas within 3 wins of Kentucky on college basketball's all-time wins list as head-to-head matchup looms

WOW! I remember listening to the 150 point drubbing on a radio in my Fraser office while writing my dissertation. One of those events that stick in your memory forever.

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'That's a bad boy': Ochai Agbaji's 37-point outburst helps 5th-ranked Kansas survive No. 13 Texas Tech in double-overtime thriller

Ochai reminds me of Robert Redford's Sundance Kid when he couldn't hit a target standing still, but if he moved he could drill the shot. The thing about free throws is you're running flat out for several minutes, then stop and shoot a 15 footer with the outcome of the game on the line. Your heart is probably pounding, the PHOG is rockin', coaches and players are yelling instructions back and forth. And the player has to settle down, focus, and shoot. If it were easy, we'd all be playin'

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'That's a bad boy': Ochai Agbaji's 37-point outburst helps 5th-ranked Kansas survive No. 13 Texas Tech in double-overtime thriller

I think you're being too harsh with Remy. He made some great defensive moves tonight getting several offensive fouls on TTU guards. And he had several great passes that were money. I think Remy had the best game of the season, and hopefully as his knee gets stronger, his game will step up too.

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Wednesday's Kansas-Harvard men's basketball game canceled because of injuries, COVID issues within Harvard program

Wait! There's a time of the year that isn't appropriate for Margaritas? I remember serving $1 margaritas at Duffy's all year long.

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Jayhawks navigate late-game pressure for 17-14 comeback win in Lance Leipold's debut

I joined the Jayhawk Nation 34 years ago. Optimism for success in football ran out a long time ago. FCS opponents should be a gimme, but this game was a nail-biter. I'll get excited when we win games that mean something. I hope Coach Leopold brings a winning culture to the team, but my heart has been broken too many times to jump in head first until I see a Power 5 team take the field.

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