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Lon Kruger deflects questions on ‘Hack-a-Dok’ strategy

It's amazing to me that they didn't try to work on his form before now, his release is all wrong and no matter how much he practices free throws, if he shoots with the same form he is now he will never make a higher percentage. People talked about Lonzo Balls form but he wasn't this bad, Udoka brings the ball across his face and his elbow is way out there, how in the hell can a hall of fame coach not do something to fix this. They should make him shoot with one hand with the ball by his shoulder and his elbow tight to his body and then shoot it and follow through, he has got to change or his muscle memory will be even harder to change later, come on.

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Malik Newman bails out Jayhawks in crunch time to beat Baylor

Vick is really struggling, sometimes I don't even realize that he's in the game, so what not play Cunliffe? I don't understand why Garrett gets all the time when he is such a liability on the offense. If Sam was in the game the defense couldn't lag off him like they can Garrett and that might give Devonte, Svi, and Malik the room they need. Our offense was horrible in 2nd half.

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Tom Keegan: There's some beauty to KU's 'ugly' win over Baylor

I saw Dok practicing his release on the line before he got the ball and his right hand was on the right side of his face and he had a good follow through but then we he actually shoots it he brings the ball across his face a little and his right hand is at an angle, so this might produce the side spin as someone mentioned above. I just can't figure out why he is practicing one way and then shooting a completely different form, you would think the coaches would get that straightened out.

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KU rebounds from home loss, survives test at TCU

I am just worried Devonte is having to do too much, no matter how good of shape you are in he can't keep shouldering the whole load, there are 15 hard games left in the regular season, even though is,ksu, and osu may be on the bottom but they will all be tough games, we don't play well at OSU and isu and ksu will play us very tough no matter their records, Newman and Vick need to step up and udoka has to play smarter and rebound better, for someone of his size and strength to only get one rebound is shameful. Come on boys,help Devonte.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 88, TCU 84

Great win, but this team still had alot of glaring weaknesses, Newman isn't producing anything and gets beat off the dribble frequently, Vick is in a funk, Udoka has to be a better rebounder, Garrett can't shoot a lick, I think Sam should play a little more, coach doesn't seem to give him any freedom to make mistakes, as soon as he makes one he is out, and the NCAA needs to get off their ass and do their damnjob, they cleared Ahmad for West Virginia so why can't we get a decision on our guys?

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Notebook: Marcus Garrett earns spot in starting lineup; De Sousa travels but awaits certification

Smart was warned earlier in the game so he probably deserved the technical, he kept griping at the ref and said something else that really pissed off the ref and walked away and the ref followed him asking Smart if he wanted to stay in the game or wanted a 2nd technical, I agree with Jay bilas that the ref shouldn't have followed him to the huddle, but Shaka Smart acts like a little baby and never thinks he deserves a tech, I have seen it several times when he has gotten a tech, he stands there with that dumb look on his face and keeps complaining.

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Notebook: Marcus Garrett earns spot in starting lineup; De Sousa travels but awaits certification

Shaka Smart looks like that Everytime I have seen him get a technical, he was obviously still pissed after the game and also probably because he hasn't been able to beat ku yet since he came into the league. In my opinion he is overmatched as far as coaching in this league and I think that's why he has that dumbfounded look to him, I really think he is better at a lesser school without the big time recruits and plays the pressing style, he doesn't seem like he is a very good half court offensive coach, if they didn't have that freak athlete Bamba they would have got destroyed last night.

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Frank Mason III soaks up KU fan experience during Jayhawks' win over Stanford

Frank is awesome, I loved hearing his reactions to the game when the announcers we're interviewing him, he's still a Jayhawk through and through.

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Devonte' Graham after loss to Arizona State: 'Their guards were just better than us'

Trae Young from Oklahoma might get 50 on our guards, and west Virginia's guards will chew ours up and spit them out. It amazes me to hear all this talk about all these ku players who will go pro next year, do any of these guys look like they can play at the next level? Sorry Svi and Devonte, I don't think either of you are good enough, and all the others would stay in school if they really want to go pro because they all need to get better, and if they go early they will get lost just like the other 75% of underclassmen who have gone pro recently have done.

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More Miscues: Jayhawks struggle defensively, fall at home to Arizona State

I have seen quite a few of the other big 12 teams play and I think the streak could very well end this year, our guards are getting dominated, if Svi isn't hitting his shots early it really affects the rest of his game, Vick was pretty good but he doesn't show the mentality to take charge, for a senior Devonte seems to panic and starts jacking up long 3's to try and get us back, Udoka is not really effective offensively or defensively unless he is catching long passes, Garret should not be the one shooting 3's, they left him open for a reason, newman is hard to figure out and we have zero bench production. We have seen the last 2 teams come up with game plans to beat us and did it fairly easy, that's not good. I said to myself before the season that this might be a long season because we have no alpha dogs and no depth, it's starting to look like I might be right, let's hope not.

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