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Quick recap: Kansas avoids season sweep with 80-76 win over Iowa State

I understand some people's frustrations with Quentin Grimes, I have been as well, he is a good player with alot of capability and he can become a very good player but I noticed a few things last night that made me believe he is playing so tight and is more in his own head than anything. He is a very unselfish guy and the coaches have been on him all year to be more aggressive and there were games where he was and took it hard to the basket but got called for a few charges so maybe now he is hesitant. One perfect example was a drive in the first half where he pulled up a little short of taking it all the way to the basket off one leg and he shot or should I say aimed the ball and it came up short, that was a tight shot, and then every one of his 3's were short, which is what happens when you are tight. He had people saying he was one and done at the start and he played free in the Michigan State game and looked the part, but somewhere along the way he has lost confidence, he reminds me of Malik last year, so let's hope he keeps plugging away and starts to gain his confidence, Malik had a year at Mississippi State and a year with the jayhawks and he took awhile to come around so let's keep supporting Quentin instead of bashing him, RCJH.

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KU freshman Quentin Grimes adjusting nicely to life in Lawrence

I know it's all a part of the business these days but I wish these mock drafts were stuck somewhere the sun doesn't shine. These kids haven't even played a second of college basketball and they already have all these expectations put on them, and if it takes some of them longer to adjust then they get hammered and labeled overrated or a bust, by the same people who hyped them up to begin with. Just let them be student athletes and see how they progress before putting all this on them.

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Kansas needs Vick to click in postseason

Vick does not play his butt off, he let a guy from Texas tech give him a bump trying to position for a rebound and Vick just gave up, he didn't fight back for position, he just stood there and let the guy keep position, get the offensive rebound, and score. Then the backdoor dunk he let OSU guy get was ridiculous, Vick had no idea the guy went backdoor, he was lost, gaurding nothing but air and the look on his face was clueless. I rewind alot of plays wondering how the other team got a rebound or open layup and Vick and Svi are usually the reasons why, Vick more than Svi, and those are the things that make this team so inconsistent and frustrating. That effort they gave Saturday was pathetic, they should have been fired up to pay OSU back for winning in the fieldhouse but everyone besides Devonte didn't seem to give a crap.

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Tom Keegan: Sluggish start removes sizzle of home-court advantage

I agree Bill, I know Vick is in his 3rd year and coach may feel more loyalty to him or something because if Newman or Cunliffe were playing like Vick they would be on the bench in a second. It's very frustrating to watch.

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Devonte’ Graham: Loss feels worse with past KU players back for 120 years celebration

Then why wouldn't you guys come out with better effort if you didn't want to let those guys down? It doesn't make sense to me, but this team really hasn't made sense all year.

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Saturday Stunner: Jayhawks upset, 'whipped' by Oklahoma State at Allen Fieldhouse

Lagerald Vick needs to get his head out of his you know what and acts like he gives a crap. I am sorry to say this team is so limited that I think this play good one game and then horrible the next will continue until this season is over. I know we play 4 quards but I am so tired of that excuse as to why we aren't a good rebounding team, rebounding is about effort and timing and these guys don't put out the effort to rebound, especially at home. There wee several times the ball went right to a guy off a shot and he just got an easy put back, this team needs to realize that Allen fieldhouse is not their savior, they need to put out maximum effort.

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Postgame Report Card: Oklahoma State 84, Kansas 79

This team is so up and down it's infuriating, play so we'll Monday in Manhattan and then come out today and put forth this pathetic effort. I hear these guys talk about coming out with more energy at home every week like they do on the road and then they come out and can't even dribble or hand off the ball without turning it over, and for God's sake somebody put out some effort to rebound. I was so disgusted with the rebounding effort I quit watching the game, come on guys.

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Notebook: Self impressed by Marcus Garrett vs. Texas A&M; Big 12 falls in showdown with SEC

I really think Graham is getting worn down, I have been worried about this all season. All his misses against Oklahoma were short and most of his struggles happen in the 2nd half, I thought for sure being up 15 would allow him to get a little break and for Sam and Silvio to get a little game action. I really wish they didn't play so poor in the 2nd half, that would have been a good time to get them in if we had extended the lead.

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Svi tops ratings in fall-from-ahead loss to Oklahoma

With Vick being such a non factor lately I really don't understand why Cunliffe isn't getting a chance, is he horrible in practice or what? I thought he contributed nicely in a couple games after he was eligible but can't get in the game now. Is there anybody out there that knows why coach won't play him?

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What's next for Udoka Azubuike the free throw shooter?

More practice won't help with his current form, if they just let him practice on his own it will only be harder to change later, I played basketball and I guarantee you that if I had a teammate like this I would take it upon myself to go to the gym and try to help him, if the coaches are restricted on time then maybe Devonte and Svi as seniors can try to help, I know I would if I was in their position.

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