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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

If we had Pardula and Wyman last year we would have won 2-3 more games. I'm just sayin... take the improvements were you can find them and work on the rest.

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Opinion: Kansas juco DL Chris Martin shoots straight

Violent implies a sudden collision, impact or physical stop. Things a football defense must do. Violence in the real world has a broader and more negative connotation. A good defense must make sudden stops, which will mean less yardage for the offense. Can't wait until the KU defense is unleashed.

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KU football lands two more juco standouts, one high school receiver

Watch the spring game before making any win-loss projections. Charlie, Dave, Rob are making KU known all around the country. We need more bodies and weapons and we are getting them. Recruiting rankings don't mean much and aren't final until February anyway. Beating K-State at their own game obtaining JUCO talent is great, but beating them on the field will only be better. Holsapple will whip anyone we get into shape. Receivers who can catch will be a big improvement! (Sham)rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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The million-dollar question: What's going on with Dayne Crist?

As a number of writers have brought ND into the discussion, if you had ND's receivers you would be at least 3-1. Weis will bring in plenty of good tall receivers (and some short ones) over the next few years. Crist gives KU the best chance of winning right now. He gives confidence and direction to the line, which the other QBs can't do just yet. The receivers are gradually getting there but it will take time to become a finished project. JDC

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'Coach' grades Dayne Crist's performance against TCU

The team is working hard and improving. Good things will happen. Crist gives the team confidence and guidance. As the receivers improve so will the outcomes. (Sham)rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Upset NIU? You bet

Crist is a big reason you see improvement in the offense. He still has work to do! KU squeaks out a win in Dekalb.

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Game Balls and Gassers: TCU

My gasser is the KU fan that doesn't understand that this is a journey and doesn't applaud the effort put forth by the team.

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Thieving defense bright spot for KU

This team is improving each week. Kansas in beginning to have football relevance. Yah gotta love it. They must be improving or the K-Snake miscreants would not be chiming in. You win games with defense. With more experience, more physical training, a few more athletes, a couple of taller receivers, and some more more speed KU will be really dangerous. What you have is a team with lots of heart and effort, things they can control. You didn't land in a hole over night. It will take some time to get out. Enjoy watching your team progress, the wins will come. (Sham)rock chalk Jayhawk!

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Monday Rewind: Rice

Vast improvement will not happen overnight. The more support the team has, the sooner the change will occur. Strength and conditioning is improving but it is not finished. A full year of recruiting will help for future years. Who the coaches were able to bring in this year on short notice was very positive. Students leaving in the fourth quarter had to be a downer for those on the field. If the student section was full, screaming, and making it hard for Rice players to hear would that have helped Saturday? Crist may not be good enough for some of the above posters, but he turned down Wisconsin to come to Lawrence. Imagine what this year would be like without him. His presence helped get others to commit. Anyway ND had taller receivers, Floyd 6'3'', Rudolph 6'5", Eiffert 6'6", and Goodman 6'3" in their sets to go with smaller slot receivers. These guys went up and grabbed the ball, so maybe Crist is spoiled. Crist will improve.
Perhaps McCay will be the man next year, but this is this year. So you have to go with what you have until taller receivers are available or step up. It will likely be a long year but watch and support your team as it evolves, improves and learns how to win. Its apparent that the football staff is putting in much effort at turning this thing around. The students and fans should do likewise! The turnaround will happen faster.

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Freshman playmaker Parmalee impressing KU football coaches, teammates

I think the four scholarships belonged to the last four players who left....the two QBs and the two Einstens who had the run in with the cops.

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