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KU football commitment Andre Maloney passes away after suffering stroke on the field

So sorry to hear about this! My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family! He is ..... and will always be part of the Jayhawk family!

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Dunks to be on display at Late Night

Rock Chalk Rim-Rattler's or Rock Chalk Rim-Rippers

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

Hopefully the renovation of the football team won't take as long as the renovation of the stadium!

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KU women golfers fourth in Austin

Hit'em long and straight ladies! RCJH!

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

Now there's a good idear! I always thought of Kerry Meier as a more athletic Steve Largent. The man ran impeccable routes, and caught everything thrown his way! Just don't understand why our receivers still try to catch the ball with their body instead of their hands. I learned that in junior high ball.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

What's up with Colin Spencer??? Is he red-shirting? Heard a lot about him before the season started and now nothing. He's got speed ...... Can he catch???

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Despite loss, KU volleyball enjoys test vs. Italy

Rock Chalk ladies. Good Luck this year!

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Hard-earned goal: In quest to play, KU soccer's Salazar tackles grueling course load

That my friends, is the true definition of the words "student-athlete". Sounds to me like she has more determination in the tip of her middle finger than Marquel Combs has in his whole body! Thank you for being a Jayhawk Liana, and best of luck in the future!

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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football

I agree with you Hawk316. What has Charlie Weis not done here that any other coach that would have been brought in done? The old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" applies when it comes to rebuilding college football teams. HCCW brought in guys like Combs and Martin because they could play and deserved a second chance. But I would bet that Charlie Weis made it clear to them before they ever got to Larrytown that they would have to work hard and walk the straight and narrow. It was their choice not to do so, and give Coach Weis a lot of credit for staying the course! BTW, Matt ...... excellent article!

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KU kickers honored for play vs. Louisiana Tech

Best of luck in the future, boys! RCJH!

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