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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self provides update on Udoka Azubuike's ailing right ankle

Nows a good time to work on free throws. Can't leave the floor until you make at least 7 in sets of 10. He's got to get better at this while rehabbing.

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Shane Jackson: Les Miles should prioritize in-state recruiting for KU football

From what I hear and read, there isn't that much thought-process left in Snyder. K-State is in a bind because Snyder is not making it easy for them to transition. This will hurt them during the recruiting. Word is he will agree to step aside or he will be fired in the next couple weeks.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

These aren't NCAA violations if the FBI isn't investigating them. There is a good chance the NCAA would never have known about most of this without the FBI. So, in this particular case, somebody tipped off the FBI to potential RICO violations. There are wiretaps and everything involved. This is bigger than the NCAA and their mission.

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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

No, you are wrong. The sanctions Louisville is currently suffering is for the sex/hooker scandal whereas they (coaches) paid a hooker to come to the dorms and entertain players and recruits over a few year span.

The Adidas thing hasn't even come into play for Louisville with regards to the NCAA. They have done some damage control by firing Pitino, but they have not been sanctioned by the NCAA yet because the NCAA hasn't even concluded their investigation. The two situations should not be confused.

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Silvio De Sousa keeps it simple as Jayhawks rout Oklahoma

Surely, Wilt Chamberlain coming back after all those years for his jersey retirement HAS to be #1. Not only a great moment, his speech was pretty damn good too.

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Notebook: Jayhawks avenge another rare fieldhouse loss

This is the worst rebounding team we have had in the Bill Self era. I don't want to let them off the hook by blaming it on lack of size either. Most of the teams we have played have been about the same size. The team is soft and it shows on the boards. Even Udoka gets muscled out of the way by a 6'5" guy on most occasions. It's about blocking out and staying with the block out and going to the rebound. We just flat out don't do it. The other thing that shows the lack of toughness is the way we screen and the way we set up the screen. I have seen middle schoolers do a better job at it. Our dribble drive game could be so freakin' good with these guys if they would just perform the very basic pick and roll with a purpose. Right now everything just looks so much like going through the motions. Someone show them Thomas Robinson and Darnell Jackson tape. Those dudes knew how to block out and get rebounds; and they knew how to set solid screens. Jeeez!

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Tom Keegan: Time for the real Malik Newman to stand up

What are you talking about? KU is absolutely a perfect fit for a talent like Malik. His game is a lot like Mario; and even a lot like Langford. This is more about the mental aspect of the game. Once he shakes it off, he will be fine.

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'It's just not normal': Jayhawks slip at Allen Fieldhouse again, lose to Texas Tech

We are just too soft. Even Udoka got pushed out of the way for rebounds. Why can't these guys go for boards? I don't want to hear about size because Tech was not bigger than KU. The biggest stats - as a few have already mentioned - is they had 18 offensive rebounds; AND they had 26 points off 10 turnovers. Think about that points of turnover number - that is likely going to be the best efficiency on TOs that you will ever see a team have this year (or any year).

One other thing about toughness, this team is the poorest KU team I have seen with setting screens. These guys don't like contact. That is what you get when you have guys that only want to shoot threes, and like to go one-on-one. The physicality isn't there. If you watched how Tech set up the screens for off the dribble versus what our guys did, it was night and day. Self needs to have one of those practices where the practice squad gets to do all the shooting; and the "seven" do nothing but block out, get physical, draw charges, etc. He also needs to drop the hammer on the lack of basic fundamentals - setting screens, blocking out and chesting up to a man so he doesn't just run around you. They have a lot of work to do.

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2017-18 KU free throw issues an eye-popping part of recent trend

Don't forget the third reason: he doesn't play as much time because he gets in early foul trouble in the first half. If he could get to 30+ minutes a game, his free throw attempts per game might double.

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