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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

That's a testament to the amount of lies and BS that's been shoveled around instead of taking on the problem with caution, knowledge and proactive decision-making. This hysteria could have been prevented months ago. South Korea is testing 10,000 people a day. The US has tested only about 6,000 to date. Different approaches with different results.

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No March Madness: NCAA cancels national championship tournaments

Is it possible this type of action helps bankrupt the NCAA and it goes away? Congratulations Presumptive National Champions - The University of Kansas!

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Rookie on the rise: KU freshman Christian Braun delivers another strong outing in first career start

If he continues to bring a steady and reliable effort to the floor every game, this team will be sick in March. This is exactly what we need with the offense Bill is running with Dok and Dotson. If Agbaji can shake off the funk he is in I don't see a team that can beat us.

Can't wait to see this young man gain a few pounds of muscle and get even more aggressive in his career with KU.

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Former KU guard Quentin Grimes cleared to play for Houston this season

Also, history has shown our eligibility issues seem to take far longer top resolve than this did. I agree with Drew, no love lost for this dude. And the NCAA is a complete joke.

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Longtime KU basketball strength coach Andrea Hudy leaving Kansas

Reads like she went from being employed by the University to being employed by a privatized health system. This would broaden her duties to include more than mens and womens basketball. Perhaps she wanted to focus on what she enjoyed with the limited number of people she was responsible for training. I don't know whether you can attract a quality individual that has that broad of job responsibilities. It sucks that she is leaving for a conference school, but the bigger concern is that the job won't be attractive to anyone with similar or better qualifications. Are my concerns unfounded?

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Former KU football coach David Beaty suing Kansas Athletics for $3 million

Best comment on this thread. Good one.

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Former KU tennis coach, TV stars charged in college admissions bribery scheme

That would be awesome if the NCAA put a school on probation because a kid that was not athletic got admitted to the school through the back door - even if the benefit was not financial. Probably not because I don't think in any case any of these kids ever saw a day of competition. Just on the team for admissions sake and then removed from the team and allowed to maintain admission on their own dime. The offending kid didn't hurt the scholarship situation because they were probably considered a preferred walk-on or something like that.

I guess the only way to combat this system of cheating is to convince people that these ultra private, elite schools aren't that much better than public Universities or lesser known private schools. Because I don't see things at the involved institutions changing much with the amount of preferential treatment given to wealthy families.

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Former KU tennis coach, TV stars charged in college admissions bribery scheme

Why is this a big story? I can understand if there were a lot of public schools involved, but most of these schools are private. You can throw a rock at any private K-12 school and hit over half of the student population that is there because of the money. I don't understand how a parent gets in trouble for paying someone to boost their kids appeal into a private institution. Sure, it is sleazy and unscrupulous but worth all this media attention I have seen today??? BFD, some rich folks got caught duping the private education system. That's what Devos and the Charter school folks advocate anyway. Let's just call it "better" choice.

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The David McCormack Transformation

Great story. The biggest thing I think he needs to work on from here is agility and quickness. This article explains A LOT about what we currently see on the court. Still a little clumsy on lateral movement and out of control on straight line movement. But in the short time here he has gotten much, much better.

One excellent possibility I am predicting - Danny Manning is likely to get laid off after this season. He will make his way back to Lawrence to transform David into another Darnell Jackson or maybe even another Thomas Robinson. One can only hope.

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Former KU football standout Kwamie Lassiter dies

Complete heartbreaker. He was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. When Beaty brought his roadshow to Arizona last spring I had the opportunity to chat with Kwamie for about 10 minutes. He was excited for his son's opportunity to suit up at KU. On the commemorative football I got that day, I got his signature and not that of coach Beaty. Way too young to go.

From the Aloha Bowl teams of the 90s there are now three we have lost (at least that I can remember) that all went on to the NFL - Chris Banks, Keith Loneker and now Kwamie. Three really great ambassadors for the University. Very sad day indeed.

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