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KU sophomore Charlie Moore comfortable with whatever role team needs him to play

I like the attitude which is the sign of a winner either starting or coming off the bench but he must up his defensive game to be what we need.

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Kansas Basketball Record Watch 2018-19: Marcus Garrett

Joe, I hope your right but I don't think we'll see much until his senior year other than defense and toughness. His shot was none-existent last season. Even on the charity stripe, we didn't see consistency, however, like you, I really like this guy.

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Even with playing time tough to come by, Cunliffe found what he was looking for at KU

I think the biggest limitation was coming in 2nd Semester. I ALWAYS felt he had what it took, just had some bad minutes and never got to work through it. I'd say he has at least the same talent as Vick or Newman.

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Final Four to continue to call massive venues home through at least 2026

Matt, is there a list of where the earlier rounds will be played in the coming years? Frankly, since they are a much smaller venue, they are more inviting and potentially closer. Also, how was the Wichita location viewed this past year related to parking, etc.?

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Chemistry developing quickly for KU big men Udoka Azubuike, Dedric Lawson

BOY YOU GOT ME EXCITED! Great article Matt.

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Tom Keegan: Changes coming this week in college basketball

Let's add house payments for the working man or how about paying for the assisted living cost for my aunt. To quote Margaret Thatcher, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

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Tom Keegan: Changes coming this week in college basketball

The statement is referring "literally" to money, not education or experience.

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Tom Keegan: Changes coming this week in college basketball

Bryce, if there is any intelligence mixed in that gray matter, you'll delete your post.

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Tom Keegan: Is Adidas money worth the embarrassment for Kansas Athletics?

Big Baller Brand??? NEVER NEVER NEVER

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Future Jayhawk Quentin Grimes shines, teams with Romeo Langford to lead Home team to victory at Jordan Brand Classic

Matt, two things; if you have any influence, it would be great to have the roster of these HS games including jersey number. I'd really like to focus in on our new players rather than spending the first half of the game just figuring out if they are on the court. Secondly, is there any way to get these announcers to stop telling everything they know about their favorite two or three players and start giving equal time to every playing on the court??? I swear both the Jordan and McDonald's All American games we spend on Duke's three and Zion as the best player in BB history. These guys need to do their homework on more than 5 players.

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