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Mitch Lightfoot on how KU's posts look this summer

Shane, do you guys ever listen to these recordings? The sound on all three is terrible. First recommendation, get the mic closer, second, get a better mic with noise cancelation, the background rumble is louder than some of the interview. This would be greatly appreciated and has been the norm on previous interviews.

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NCAA set to send notice of major recruiting violations to schools; official confirms NCAA can't get controversial Townsend wiretap

Ron, you are on point however I don't see any overhaul... ever. There will be some slapping of the hands of notable schools with the possible exception of Duke and UK, the NCAA will pat themselves on the back for a good job and everything will continue as before.

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What's next for KU with R.J. Hampton now off the board?

Jay, you may know more of the PG transfers than I but I see a good number of PG transfers that were ranked at 0.95 or higher. Remember, Graham was a 0.93 and Mason was a 0.91. Yes time is running out but I think we can still pick up a couple of assets.

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Dedric Lawson: 'People are definitely going to see that I'm better than what they've got me projected'

The one area that I think another year would help Dedric is with conditioning and strength. He's close to potential but without similar improvements, he's experienced in the KU program, he's doing to draft very late if at all.

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KU AD Jeff Long: Still no word on Silvio De Sousa's appeal

Doug, where are you getting this information. I've heard nothing about wanting used stuff.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 63, New Mexico State 60

The highest we should have gotten in any area would be a C-

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Self, Jayhawks have more to focus on than KU's spot in AP poll

Well written article Matt

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Self, Jayhawks have more to focus on than KU's spot in AP poll

I wouldn't write KJ off so quickly. I think we'll see some real improvement if he continues to get minutes. I really like Marcus but yes... his game is lacking what we need for serious minutes.

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Self, Jayhawks have more to focus on than KU's spot in AP poll

Couldn't agree more!

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KU's Azubuike draws early attention of all types and answers the call

Hey Matt, I can't find a "Contact Us" on the KU Sports page so I'm sending you this notification. I run a KU Facebook page with over 20K followers and KUSports needs to know about this warning popping up.

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