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Versatile junior Marcus Morris a triple-threat for Jayhawks

Good column! Fret not is right. That was a good win in a pretty hostile environment. Pretty amazing how much the twins have improved since their freshman year.

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KU sells courtside basketball seats for $15,000 each

Interesting that sonofdaxjones weighs in negativly. Who would think that a k-sucks fan would have that much of an interest in KU sports and our seating at a basketball game in Allen. Oh yeah, a k-sucks fan who is jealous about the amount of distance that KU is putting between KU and their program from a financial standpoint. Instead of flaming KU you would think that he would be leading protests in front of the k-sucks student union to protest the cluster f*#k that is the k-state athletic department. Under the table secret contracts, etc. Has to be painful to watch KU bring in more and more revenue from boosters who can afford to support the school, while Willie the kitty cat chokes in KU's dust further and further away.

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A whole lotta love

Having seen J'mison Morgan play I will assure you that he can get up and down the court. He is also not a one and done player. He would give KU at least 2 - 3 years if he decides not to go to LSU and become a Hawk.

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KU draws sixth '08 commitment with PG Appleton

Arthur will be gone. Rush will be gone. Chalmers maybe gone.

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Jayhawk from the start

Kingman is more like 3 hours and 45 minutes away from Lawrence. Chet is the first Division One player to come out of Kingman since 1971. He comes from a great family.

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