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QB Montell Cozart apologizes to teammates for latest Kansas loss

Im glad that an athlete like Cozart wants to be on the KU football team, and he may be a workout wizard. But come game time, he doesn't have it for the QB role. I get that compared to the underclassmen he may make fewer mistakes, but come on. KU ranks 116/128 in D1 schools. What are you preventing from happening by having him in? At this point, anything should be tried. Option, no-punting, spread, Wishbone.....try something! please!

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Say something nice about Kansas football: Halftime adjustments worked in ugly loss to Ohio

If this team wants to crack into the top 100 of CFB, they are going to need to move the ball downfield. This "horizontal" passing game is garbage, they were only effective going downfield. If you don't pull those safeties back you will never be successful at the run.

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Big 12 directs commissioner to evaluate expansion candidates

Haskell, Nazereth, Creighton and Colorado school of mines....we need the football wins!!!!

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Beyond a doubt: Kansas QB Cozart unfazed by criticism

Focused or not, KU will need a much better performance than Cozart has given if they want to crack the top 100 D1 schools.

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KU coach David Beaty: The Jayhawk Nation deserves better

It would be almost impossible for him not to improve. Their baseline is nothing....maybe 120/128 DI teams. I sure hope we field a competitive team, and least something that can get the ball rolling.

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If you could change the outcome of one KU game in history, which would you pick?

1997 Az for Basketball
1993 Nebraska for football (June Henley would have risen to legend status on that one)
1996 Missouri, if we would have won, would Mason have stayed? (and not had 10 years of misery?)
2009 Is there a game that Mangino would have won, that would have made Perkins need to keep him and not spiral into being the worst team in Div 1?

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Done deal: Wiggins expected to declare for NBA today

Their success appeared to be almost solely based on talent. Led by Wiggins. If they don't get a PG next season (Franzekamp or Mason will need to be better) it will not as successful.

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Done deal: Wiggins expected to declare for NBA today

17 and 6 against Stanford would have helped.

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Classic win: Ellis, Wiggins lift KU past Duke

Is there a concern that there were no Offensive fouls in last nights game? Did I miss one? The teams size loses its advantage if it can't get in the way of people driving.

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