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Free State's Calvin Clements narrows college choices to Kansas, K-State, Baylor

He seems to be an intelligent young man, so I'd bet he has already figured out that he would bring the most value to KU and that he would really enjoy being a standout and part of the excitement of what is going on in Lawrence.

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Kansas coach Bill Self sees 4 current Jayhawks with NBA draft potential in 2023

I'm rooting for McCormack to catch on either with the Woves or another team. He's a hard worker and a nice guy, It's hard not to root for him.

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IARP timeline for KU's infractions case was recently updated but resolution date remains unclear

I like that IARP threw out the previous NCAA investigation and decided to do their own, from scratch. That, at least, indicates a desire to be fair and objective. Hopefully.

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Top recruiting target Surahz Buncom commits to Kansas football on official visit

I love it when I see young folks preparing themselves for their future should their athletic choice not work out. Very intelligent move.

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Top KU football target Surahz Buncom to choose school Saturday

Same here with the reply.

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Former Jayhawk Sherron Collins in line to become boys basketball coach at Free State High in Lawrence

Good for them . Here's hoping this is the beginning of a stellar coaching career for both.. Good luck, Sherron and Summer!

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Top KU football target Surahz Buncom to choose school Saturday

Why can I not upvote comments in any of the articles? I get the Forbidden screen with this message:

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CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

More information is available with DEBUG=True.

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Top KU football target Surahz Buncom to choose school Saturday

In addition to Dirk's thoughts, maybe they realize that a good showing in the first several games of the coming season will draw more interest from the better recruits. There should still be plenty of them uncommitted at that point. So, why not grab the good ones while you can but give it time for your best foot to show itself to help sell Kansas to those really good recruits.

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Kansas football lands commitment from Taylor Davis, first in Class of 2023

Very good points. I also am happy I don't live my life with a pessimistic outlook. That must be a sad life. (Not talking about you, Dirk, obviously).

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