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Kansas lands commitment from Eastern Michigan safety Jarrett Paul

Michael Leiker, it says Kansas in the end zone, so unless it's photoshopped...

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Kansas lands commitment from Eastern Michigan safety Jarrett Paul

Belay my question. I just reread the article and see that I missed the answer the first read.

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LV Bunkley-Shelton, Kansas football transfer target, commits to Oklahoma

I wish him luck (except against us) but suspect he would have had a whole lot more media attention playing at Kansas than he will have buried at OU. For us, WR is a position of big need and he would have been a definite standout iwth potentially big numbers. Just my opinion.

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Kansas lands commitment from Eastern Michigan safety Jarrett Paul

Does not playing in 2020 eliminate having a covid year in addition to his normal senior year?

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Flavio Gonzalez decommits from Kansas football, opts for Oregon State

I guess "commitment" doesn't mean what it did when I was that age.

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Former Jayhawks Wayne Selden Jr., Thomas Robinson to join 2022 graduates in KU commencement ceremony

Congratulations, Wayne Selden, and all the other graduates! Well done!

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Early over/under college football win totals are out; is KU's number too high, too low, just right?

I really do not like having conference games before completing the non-con schedule and its opportunities to tune the offense and defense.

I'll take the over, anyhow. Three wins is my forecast with four being possible.

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Kansas' Malik Clark earns NFL tryout chance with Chiefs

I get a "Forbidden 403" when I try to upvote Dirk's comment. So, consider this my upvote.

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‘Momentum’ for dumping yearly scholarship limits in football

So, say there are no more losses from the team and we are able to fill all current openings. How close would we be to the 85 limit?

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WR Doug Emilien transferring to Kansas because of relationships, Ky Thomas

Another good one. I hold my breath on these good transfers and recruits until they are enrolled and locked in. Then I can relax.

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