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Undrafted Travis Releford, Elijah Johnson join NBA summer squads

Rock Chalk! Best wishes to these great Jayhawks! Represent, stay healthy, do your best, make some noise, and have fun!

June 29, 2013 at 12:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )'s Eric Bossi discusses Andrew Wiggins and his potential impact if he commits to KU

Would be a lot of fun to get Wiggins! Here's hoping it happens. I think KU would be a great place for him and his family. He would get incredible exposure here and his family would be able to bounce back and forth between Lawrence and Wichita for his brother's senior year as a Shocker. I think Self and the staff would help prepare him. UK and Carolina are great options too, but I think KU would be a great fit. I know I am biased, but when I look at the make up of the rosters next year it just seems like Lawrence would be a great overall fit. Think about the epic battles he could be in trying to help KU get conference title #10 in a row, and going head to head vs Marcus Smart at least 2 times for Oklahoma State.

Let's make it happen KU! Rock Chalk!

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First of all: KU women claim first Outdoor track crown

Rock Chalk, Champions! Keep it up and keep doing it!

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Opinion: Speedy KU LB Heeney making up for time spent standing still

I recall watching Heeney his true freshmen year and seeing his speed on special teams. He really seemed to go all out and create a lot of havoc. The group I sit with would always comment on how this guy should be getting a chance to play more. None of us could ever understand it. You fast forward to seeing Heeney finally get a chance with the new staff and it really makes you feel like Turner Gill and Singletary had no idea what they were doing. It validates what we were all thinking. How could they not see the effort, speed, and tenactiy this guy plays with and not try and give him at least some decent reps with the defense? We noticed it in little exposure to the player and team. I think Turner and his staff had pre-determined how they wanted to do things and were really on cruise control to collect their checks. I have Nebraska friends who I understand want to support one of their guys. They will cry and moan how KU did not give Turner a fair chance. Bull Malarkey! Turner was on cruise control and decisions like burning Heeney's red-shirt to barely let him play or even practice show their incompetence. I know Weis and his staff are improving things and I know the program is building up positively. I also know this article was reason # 10,692 why Turner was in over his head. You play a guy like Heeney!

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Duncan, Kansas baseball bottle up Missouri

Way to go Hawks!!! Got the first one, now let's go out there and battle and get the next one Friday night. Find a way, and make it happen! Rock Chalk!

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Kansas v. Kentucky (National Championship)

What a great ride and fantastic season. I'd love to have a few possessions back, as we got a little sped up tonight. Tip my hat to UK as they have a phenomenal team and really had some rim protectors. Loved the fight from the Hawks and knew they would scrap and battle till the end.

We will definitely miss Danny as he is such a wonderful ambassador and key figure for this program. Wish him all the best at Tulsa, and know Coach Self and the staff will get working on how to get us back in the hunt for this thing.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks! Keep your heads up, loved your fight. Keep working hard and improving. We will be back, and we can get it done in the future!

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Purdue's strengths, weaknesses and players to watch

Dial in the Defense and rebounding Hawks. Make Purdue have to get their shots off the dribble, and make contested shots. No open jumpers.

We have to stay very precise on staying with the scouting report. Do not help when they are driving and leave open shooters. If they do not get open looks from us leaving to help, we will really limit their ability to cash those 3 balls.

Listen to Coach Self, follow the scout and play hard. Win the 50/50 balls. Team ball, and get this done. Let's go HAWKS!!!

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Pay heed: Veteran Conner Teahan’s advice: Listen up

Let's get it on Hawks!!! Listen to coach, follow the scout precisely, play as a team, always go hard, win a high majority of the 50/50 balls, make winning plays, keep a tight huddle, and have fun!!!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

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Oklahoma football transfer Justin McCay on hand for hoops

I believe Coach Stoops and OU gave permission for him to transfer without losing a year for going in conference. Not sure how fast he could play or if he has to sit out one year??? He would be a great pick up for KU. He would be a great target to match up with this pro-style high octane offense. Let's get him in there KU!

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Talking toughness: Jayhawks say they’re ready to grind it out with rival KSU

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!! Let's get conference play started off right. This will definitely be an amped up atmosphere and intensity on the floor tonight. Need to share the ball and keep it moving and not let it stick. Work it side to side and get some double and triple reversals.

Win the glass, all hands on deck. Win those 50/50 balls, and play balls out! Stay on their shooters, and make them have to put the ball on the deck and create their shots off the dribble. Get out on the perimeter and block out. Let's hit our free throws tonight and do the basics. Need our bench tonight to really step up and contribute. Everyone play their part.

Have fun and get it done tonight in the Fieldhouse. Rock Chalk!!!

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