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Chiefs brain trust puts stamp on roster

Trent Green came to K.C. by way of St. Louis, not from the San Francisco 49ers. DeBerg, Montana, Bono, Grbac, and now Smith all came to K.C. via S.F. And, of course, the Chiefs let go of QB Rich Gannon to the Bay Area where he became MVP of the league one year and led the Raiders to the Super Bowl. Letting him go was a dumb decision, but it's hard to keep a second-string QB when all your fans think he's better than the starter.

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KU to play Wake Forest in first round of Battle 4 Atlantis

I bought my plane tickets and made my hotel reservations for Paradise Island already. Now I just need to buy tickets to all the KU games (maybe all the Battle 4 Atlantis games, but at least all three KU games). Can I get those through the university? I keep hearing I can buy tickets when I get there, but I'd at least like to have tickets to one game in hand before I leave. Thanks all!

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Former KU guard Rio Adams transfers to Ohio

Thanks for the laugh JayDoc. I think Rio's fake cereal eating will be my most lasting impression of him. Glad you included it in your lyrics.

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Report: T-Rob t-raded

Others on here are better equipped to answer this question, but here's my two cents:
1) Instant chemistry is quite valuable. T-Rob and Jeff know each other's tendencies and how to play off of each other to maximize their success. It can take awhile to build that kind of chemistry (and floor time in NBA regular season games is a hard place to do it), but the Blazers are getting it on the cheap by bringing on board two guys who already have it.
2) In addition to chemistry, each of these guys covers the other's worst flaw. T-Rob is much better at rebounding than defending, so having Jeff in there as a defensive stopper helps cover for T-Rob. At the same time, Jeff is not as good an offensive finisher, so having T-Rob in there to clean up and get interior feeds from Jeff will be valuable to him as well.
Count me as another Jayhawk fan who will try to catch a couple of Blazers games next season now--maybe even a Blazers/Suns game. That could be fun.

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

No more Musberger? Man would I pay a premium for that!

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KU reunion in Phoenix among draft possibilities for Withey

That's what I thought too.

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Transfer Hunter Mickelson to sit out, soak it up for a year

It's hard enough for guys to come out of college after four years and deal with the lonely life on the road that the NBA can be. It will be that much harder for McLemore who is still only two years out of high school. Is he even old enough to drink legally yet? I would not be a bit surprised to see Ben's first year in the NBA come along a little slowly as a result. However, I'll be shocked if he isn't a full-time starter by year three.

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Opinion: Dick Vitale loves life, wife and Andrew Wiggins

I'm with you on Packer BUT I did love the fact that he called the semi-final game against UNC over in the first half! That was priceless to hear coming from such an ACC homer.

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Opinion: Dick Vitale loves life, wife and Andrew Wiggins

Boatload of gratitude? Since it's Canada, maybe that should be trainload. Or we could say that the pipeline from Canada to Kansas has been pretty special.

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