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KU football shuffles offensive line once again

I really hate to see all the negativity, and I don't think it's justified. I still see us going 6-6, with wins over TCU (yes, we will finally win a road game and end the Big 12 streak -- their great QB is out), WVU, ISU & K-Crap (how can a conference champion fall so far in just one year?).

OK, so we don't make a bowl this season. But sheesh, 6-6 for KU at this particular point in time? That's a great year, and a very positive sign for next year and beyond. Rock Chalk!

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Opinion: Has KU football found its deep threat?

No, one mutes his TV, unless he is muting some other people's TV.

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Opinion: Jayhawk fans can take over at Rice

I am really getting tired of the Negative-Nancy stuff. Look, as it stands today, we are undefeated. A perfect record. Isn't that exactly where we would want to be at this point in the season?

The Hawks will be just fine this week. My prediction is 38-17. We'll also beat La Tech, TTU, KSU, ISU, WVU...and Texas. Yes, we're finally going to beat Texas for the first time since the Big 12 started 17 years ago. (Our backs will kill their rushing defense.)

We're going bowling, folks.

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KU's Sims eager for shot at Rice after sitting out loss

No worries. We have the best running backs in the country. That single element will carry us to some wins this year, including this week. Hawks win 38-17.

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Opinion: KU's offense not quite right in opener

You may be tired of hearing that we don't have talent, but I'm sick of hearing people complain about changing up the uniforms. In case you haven't noticed, all of the big-time programs (like Oregon and Oklahoma State) have a variety of uniforms. That's becoming the primary thing when recruits choose a school.

Look, we have a "name" head coach and other NFL alums all over our coaching staff. We have one of the best-known brands in college athletics (who doesn't know who the Jayhawks are?), and top-notch facilities. Cool uni's, modern facilities and pro-level coaches who can pave the way to the NFL. That's what kids want, and we've got it all.

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Opinion: KU's offense not quite right in opener

Well, I'll tell you where one of the wins is coming from: K-State. They absolutely stink this year. They actually lost to ND State worse than we did! They have no defense at all, and can't even decide who their QB is going to be. That team is in chaos right now. A real mess. Hawks win by 14.

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KU walk-on kicker surprises

OK, I'm glad we found this guy. But why wasn't he recruited as a kicker out of high school? Did he just not want to play college football? I hope Charlie is going to consider recruiting blue chip kickers as a priority in the future.

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Opinion: A look at KU’s football fortunes

Spoken like a troll. To the contrary, Charlie is a winner as evidenced by his Super Bowl rings. Hardly a "never was."

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Opinion: A look at KU’s football fortunes

It's been really frustrating, and embarrassing. Who would ever have thought that K-State (except for the 3 Prince years) could ever become a regular national player? It's been a 20 year nightmare.

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Opinion: A look at KU’s football fortunes

They scored 56 on us, Boouk. We scored 16, and we had to fake a punt deep in our own territory and do a fake field goal to get our two touchdowns. They averaged 9 yards per play on us. By the end of that game, one wide receiver wouldn't have made much difference.

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