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Spring practices just around corner for KU football

Bryce, you sound more like a miserable adult toddler from KST or MU !!

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Tom Keegan: Hunt is on for graduate or juco transfer QB

Give the damn job to Stanley Carter and build the offense around him. Plus hire a coach that knows what the hell he's doing !! Tom

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Tom Keegan: Quarterback named Peyton potential answer to KU's prayers

Just name Carter Stanley the QB for now and the future and spend some scholarships on building up the offensive and defensive line. Either let Cozart go where he thinks he will be of any help to teams like Emporia State of Washburn in Topeka Ks or turn him into a WR. Turn Willis into another Keri Myers that can throw or catch. Tom

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Which KU quarterback would you start against Iowa State if you were David Beaty?

Hey Bean Brain Beaty, does this poll tell you anything ?? How about you and Cozart try out for the Emporia Football Hornets next year !!! Tom

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David Beaty contends KU made progress in latest road thrashing

I'm proud of the progress the defense is doing but they can only do so much when the defense makes a great play just to have Cozart come back out and throw into triple coverage for a damn INT !! The kid has no clue how to read the defense period !!! He looks straight at who he's going to throw to every time and then of course the defenses eyes light up and he throws an INT !! Sorry but I just do not think he or Beaty belong and need to step down now. Willis, I hope you find a team that will come back and show Beaty how its done on offense. Tom

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Big 12 presidents pass on expansion

Laugh it David Boren of OU. You know damn well that this will be the death of the Big 12 or the Big Texas Plus-9. In fact I'm hoping for another meltdown. I hope it happens Spring of 2017. Tom

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Tyriek Starks running scout team for now and running it well

How about a Coach that knows how to coach QB's and also have enough brains to hire an OC to call the offense. Dual threat QB ?? Why the hell not just let Stanley Carter take over. What do you have to loose Bean Brain Beaty ? Tom

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Big 12 presidents pass on expansion

I hope everyone took notice that Bowlsby just threw the BIG 12 under the bus. KU like KST will be either Big 10 team or ACC team in the next 1 to 2 of years. I hate the report that talk about Texas, Texas Tech, KST, and KU ending up going the the Pac12 together. Texas can leave now for all I care and take OU with them. OU and Okla St. will head to the SEC, WV & TCU to the ACC, Baylor ?, & last but not least ISU to the Mountain West. Say good bye to the BIG 12 people. Wish KU would of sported to the ACC when they were asked during the last melt down. Tom

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David Beaty understands frustration with KU’s offense

If Beaty can't help but discerns swelling groans from unhappy FANS? Relax you say John ? Wait until about half of the Student Body that now shows up now stops coming altogether. Along with the discerned groaning fan base. Alumni will have his butt pointed to the front door by the end of this season. Les Miles is still in the hunt to coach somewhere. I'd rather hire a proven veteran coach for what he was making at LSU than waste it all on wish to be's. Beaty has proven that he is not any good at calling his offense or coaching the QB's. 1-11 path for the next three years if they chose to keep him. If this nut job continues to over see's the QB & OC you are looking at a grand total with him for 5 years 4 - 56 record. Maybe 8-52 if they are lucky. Tom

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David Beaty not making excuses for KU following near upset

I'm still not going to back off my name calling because I still think it was not the right one even though they scored on it before. You just can't run the same plays over and over without the DC getting wise and stuffs the hole shut and tackles the running back for a loose. The hole closed up because the DC upstairs saw what the Bean Brain had called for the third time. Just like all the dumb passes to the flats. Lost yards every time. he he learn from it ?? Hell no !! The man needs a OC upstairs to call the shots not BEAN BRAIN on the sidelines. If you all don't like what I post then don't read it. Have a nice day. Tom

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