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Game Day Breakdown - No. 3 Kansas at No. 1 Baylor

You cant always blame the bigs in these situations. If a guard tries to make a move to soon before the big is set, it isnt all in them.

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Quick recap: No. 3 Kansas rolls to easy win over Kansas State, but Sunflower Showdown ends in brawl

Yeah I dont see his he doesn't get kicked off. At minimum 5 games.

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Boom! I love being wrong

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

Jay, I completely agree with your number 1. The bigger problem I see is if the kid is locked into wanting to be in the NBA rather than going overseas. If he only wants NBA then you can take that league minimum and then get the salary for the g league.

NEW YORK, April 17, 2018 – The NBA G League announced today the salaries for the 2018-19 season: players under NBA G League contracts will earn a base salary of $7,000 per month – or $35,000 – for the five-month regular season.

It isn't the first salary that matters when you are in the second round. It will be the next contract. He can make $1.8M in 2 years yes but after taxes, agent fees, and not to mention probably not being the best at money management at 19-20 years old, he could still have a rough go of it. $35K is not a great salary in years 3+. The options are there for him but he has to be focused on just getting paid for ball and not only the NBA. If NBA is dream, then $35K is a possible salary for him as well.

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

Unfortunately, I think he is gone too. I hope I am completely wrong though. Somebody has gotten in his ear about potentially getting guaranteed money in the 45th pick range. While that may be true, it doesn't take much to go from anticipated 42nd pick to not drafted at all.

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Matt Tait: With Coach Cal in for life at Kentucky, will Kansas, others follow suit?

Has anyone been seeing what Coach K has been saying about college athletics? Seems like he is trying to work an angle to get a new agreement for NCAA athletes prior to a full blown Nike investigation will occur. It is possible we get hit with penalties, NCAA makes changes which make our infractions no big deal, and then Duke/Kentucky/ UNC all have nothing to worry about since they didn't get hit first.

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Kansas earns No. 4 seed in Midwest, will face Northeastern in opening round

I love our Hawks but if we win and meet up with Auburn, I believe we will be toast. Auburn is hot. Happy to be wrong though.

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Kansas coach Bill Self puts onus on him to help Jayhawks' struggling offense

I'm sure Self will figure something out but one of the main differences I see with this team vs others in the prior years is mental toughness and competitiveness. Do you remember a year in which Self has taken the blame multiple times in losses like this year? In prior years he has always said we are just not that good right now, we aren't tough, etc. He has called his players out in prior years and kids like Devonte, Mason, Svi responded because he was calling our their manhood.

This team is soft right now. Ochai brings a little swagger to the team when it seems like others blend into the background when things get tough. Marcus has the toughness and defense but the tough type of leader they need is the guy who will take the ball into his hands down 1 or 2 and drive it to the bucket for layup, not the type that dribbles aimlessly at the 3 point line to chuck something up. We literally have looked like KSU, Baylor, etc on those "game is on the line" closing possessions where all of us have laughed at the coaching ability of Weber and Drew. KU is soft this year and certainly could end the streak unless somebody steps up. This does remind us all though that these are 19-22 year olds who in some cases have not been challenged athletically until now. It could take time.

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Prentice named assistant athletics director at KU

I think they believe the program needs not new leadership just more leadership. Lol

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