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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Bill Self ‘nervous’ for short-handed Jayhawks

Apparently, I just located a bunch of those idiots here on this comment thread. You're not just making yourself look pathetic by leaving your seats empty, but you're making the team look like it can't fill the seats. Sure, I can't make every game, but my seats are never empty. I don't feel the need to show how important I am by contributing to the empty seats. You don't deserve those seats if you can't keep them full. I don't care if you can afford them. You sound more like Mizzou fans.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Bill Self ‘nervous’ for short-handed Jayhawks

I hate when the season ticket holders, especially those who have the good seats, leave them empty. Greedy jerks. They should lose their right to own season tickets. This isn't K-State or Mizzou. Every seat should be filled. Stop refusing to sell them for less than 20 times the face value.

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PSU wanted Kansas’ best

Jaybate, you might want to look at that score again. It was beyond a 20-pt win.

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: Stephen Vinson on Moulaye Niang and the Oregon Duck

Pretty much sums up Moulaye's career!

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KU leads conference in men's basketball home attendance for 25th straight year

Keep in mind that many of the other universities have more seats available. KU could fill more than 17,000 seats if it were possible.

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KU women end season with 80-63 WNIT loss to Duquesne

Bonnie needed to be fired a loooong time ago! Pathetic!

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Standards have been lowered

I agree with bpjhawk. Standards have been lowered. Look at who wrote this article. He's pathetic.

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Apologies issued

Don't worry boys. Unlike those football players, you'll be making millions soon while they're working at McDonald's. Don't waste your time on them.

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Jayhawks' Stewart suffers bad break

This is really sad. He's really important to the team, especially when we have foul trouble. Best wishes to him.

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Freshman Reed healthy - and playing like it

I'm sure you're quite the hottie hiding behind a anonymous poster name, halogen. Who cares about Tyrel's looks? As long as he's good in the game, no one care's if he get you "personally" excited.

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