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New KU football coach David Beaty making early progress on recruiting front

We can get a 4 win season with JuCos? Woo, that's 1 win more than what we've gotten in 5 years!

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Jayhawks declaw No. 10 Golden Bears

I have no words except...


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UALR streaks past Kansas volleyball in NCAAs

We needed more people there.

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Frankamp headed to Wichita State

KU was never meant to be a "One-and-Done Factory".

NCAA needs to grow a pair and make it like baseball. Either go right away or stay the entire time.

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KU volleyball to host NCAA game again ... in Topeka

Go have the basketball team play somewhere else Friday night. I say that because if it was the women's team that was playing, they (the women's basketball team) would of been moved, and everybody knows it.

NCAA Tournament > Regular season non-conference game.

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Kansas falls to No. 11 in Associated Press college basketball poll

Learn to do math Keegan... 5 to 11 is 6, not 5...

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Jayhawks delayed at airport for hours after loss

Why is this even an article/news?

(For the record, I didn't even bother reading the article, just the headline, I only clicked to make this comment).

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Abysmal in Indy: Top-ranked Kentucky throttles Kansas

I don't comment on here much anymore because of those stupid ads, but KU isn't going to be as great as everybody thinks they will be this year. Regardless, it's just a game. KU will still make the tournament easily, thus regular season is pointless.

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KU soccer to play host to Mizzou Sunday in NCAA Tournament

I'll be attending and cheering.

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