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Matt Tait: Don't look now, but the Kansas football offense is a whole lot of fun again

First article after one of the most inspiring games in KU history, and your comment is to complain about a Coach K reference? LOL SMH

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Matt Tait: Don't look now, but the Kansas football offense is a whole lot of fun again

This is SOOOO much fun!! Thanks guys for another exciting game.

Matt - question....maybe you can address in a future article. What impact is all of this having on potential recruits? Is there any tangible evidence that recruits are responding positively to the excitement in Lawrence?

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What Week 1 taught us about the Kansas football program's early-season schedule

And I hope our guys go into the game thinking that they have to do everything possible to win. As Yogi Berra said "Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical". Probably is the same for football.

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NCAA votes to dissolve IARP path as part of infractions overhaul; IARP still expected to handle Kansas basketball case to completion

I'm putting the over/under on when we will finally get a decision at 3 more years. Who wants the over and who wants the under?

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Players' versatility, comfort key as Kansas identifies best O-line combinations

Unfortunately, these young men listen to hangers-on and agents that are more interested in short term gain than building a career and they jump out before they are ready. He could have done so much better with a little more experience at the college level.

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UCLA, USC accepted into Big Ten; moves come as Big 12 is in process of rebuilding

A merger with the PAC-12 would be great.

I would hate to see us disband to the Big 10. There is a history with the Big 8, now the Big 12. We have been playing KSU since 1913, Iowa State since 1908, Oklahoma State since 1958. We HAD BEEN playing against Missouri since 1907, Nebraska since 1907, Oklahoma since 1919 and Colorado since 1947. The realignments have ruined traditional rivalries. New rivalries with the PAC-12 teams would be interesting, but please don't screw up history and tradition. Sometimes money just isn't the most important thing.

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Examining how Kansas draftees Christian Braun and Ochai Agbaji fit with their NBA teams

Watching the Ochai press conference, I am reminded of just what a really good young man he is. I really do wish him all the best in Cleveland. They got a good one.

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Lawrence's Tanner Newkirk caps high school career in historic fashion, ready to run down even bigger goals at KU

Had to look it up. I thought - how in the world could there be a track hall of fame that DOESN'T have Ryun in it. It's the inaugural class.

Tanner sounds like an awesome addition to Mount Oread. Welcome to KU, Tanner!!

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