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Jayhawks say Monday's national title win helped avenge lost opportunity in 2020

Jalen literally had nobody guarding him on the wing with only Manek on McCormack between him and the basket. If he drives and Manek comes off, he dishes to Dave for an uncontested basket. If Manek stays on Dave, J Wills goes all the way to the basket. Also the time would have allowed for a two-for-one situation which would have gotten KU final possession. Definitely weird, but if we want to call it "sportsmanship," so be it.

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The case for calling off Saturday's Kansas football finale vs. Texas

But the Texas heated benches are already on their way to Lawrence!

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High-energy KU defense shines with 4 takeaways in 16-13 defeat

That's exactly how it looked from the TV angle! How indicative of Kansas Football, instead of almost blocking the potential go ahead FG, they redirect the off target kick sickly through the uprights!

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'We can't treat our quarterback that way': KU O-line falters as Sooners roll, 62-9

I don't think the Jayhawks emulating the Hawkeyes is the right move. It would be way too hard to replicate the decades of racism and lawsuits from former players.

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Pooka Williams Jr. opts out of remainder of KU football season

Best of everything to Pooka. Hope it all works out for him like it has for Khalil Herbert, the national leader in rushing.

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Talk of Kansas basketball hanging a 2020 national championship banner seems tacky

But K-State should still get to print t-shirts for being champions of the Big 12 tourney (technically co-champs with OSU). Right?

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

I've commented before about this as well. My sports package with Cox includes the aforementioned ACC, Big 10, and SEC channels along with the PAC 12. Where's the Big 12 channel? It's called the Longhorn Network! And that tells you all you need to know about the Big 12 conference.

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A Heisman Trophy vote 30 years in the making

Awesome story. The Heisman was always the coolest individual award in sports. I'm not sure if it still has the same cultural impact today, but still quite a honor for the recipient.

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How to access Kansas basketball on ESPN+

When I look at my cable/satellite sports tier I see the ACC, Big 10, SEC, PAC 12, and Longhorn networks. Hmm interesting! I like the bonus coverage of ESPN+, but that list of networks say it all when addressing most folks issues with the Big 12 .

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Report: Dedric Lawson agrees to free agent deal with Golden State after going undrafted in NBA Draft

The Suns inexplicably drafted 23 year old Cameron Johnson with the 11th pick. Crazy, even for the Suns.

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