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No. 3 Kansas suffers lopsided 84-59 loss to No. 8 Texas, snaps 8-game win streak

I think I am spoiled. I am used to ku point guards taking over the game for us. Granted, we have had the luxury of a big making his presence known.The game reminding me more of the TCU game a few years back. Nothing went right then as it did tonight.. Worse it was at the Phog.. I didn't see many positives....

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Big 12 suspends Silvio De Sousa 12 games; McCormack, two K-State players also suspended

Agree or disagree .. I am a hard core KU fan.. Silvio's punishment was less than I figured. And I actually thought McCormick would also get more. KU basketball is already under the microscope and this happens. I didn't see the game, but caught the replay. Plus I have 2 old Army buddies that both called and said What's next for your basketball program.... With all the talk from other Sports news cast and x coaches. I assumed the Big 12 would give Silvio a death sentence...

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Quick Recap: Mountaineers knock off No. 7 KU in final seconds

Defense kills us again. I just don't get why...With all hype about Vicks threes and offense, he should really work on defense.

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KU freshman Josh Jackson suspended 1 game for inattentive driving incident, not telling coach

Here we go again. Where is the leadership of the Seniors now? Why hasn't Self done more to correct all these problems? Okay, some of you think it's no big deal. Are you doing the same, when you park your car? Would you appreciate it if someone posted a note on your car, saying I'm sorry I hit your car? Morals!! These are young men and they do make mistake. They do need direction and understanding. I watched the SI comments, Witch hunt or not, it does make people wonder? He made 1 mistake and now it's 2 or is it 3,4? Some where you have punish him. Looks like as long as we're winning, no body cares about the continuous problems. Coach or coaches should try to guide these young men in a better direction. Of course you can't control what happens. But what's next?

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

I really don't know what is going on but, Self should talk to them about everything. Is this a woman out for revenge? Are these newspapers taking over the National Enquire. Or is this team like the old Miami hurricanes, Oklahoma football teams? I don't think so with a coaching staff like Self's. Facts and more facts. These are just young adults and it would not hurt to have someone reinforce their desire to win a national championship. Without all the distractions going on. Use some good old restraint and not put yourself in those situations.

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

I can't agree more. Hey Self, coach, Wake up. If it's not working, use your bench. Didn't the asst.coaches see how bad our starting guards were playing? Who knows what Greene said, but I think I would have said something also. Watching from the bench must be hard thinking you could do better and not having the opportunity to show it. Let's hope BILL SELF might read a few of these posts. 6 games is too long. Even other teams don't punish their players for that amount of time for greater infractions. It is nice to see so many people on the same page.

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

Remember the hype on Selden a few years ago? And how many assist did our guards make? Self needs to remember we have a good bench. If it's not working, (our starting guards) try something else. Like everyone says, use Michelson, use Suvi use somebody else than who he played. Maybe Self needs to go back to school or listen to another coach. What I watched even a Sofa coach could help. Let's see how much tape he watched from this catastrophe and appl y it to the next game

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Column: Addition makes Kansas Final Four contender

I believe Wiggins started most if not all games. Self does let freshman start if they can handle his style of defense. Self once said it himself that if they prove themselves they will start. Sorry but Cliff never really showed that much. Which game did I miss where he impressed everyone that he deserved to start? And yes I will eat crow later. Who could have started instead of Oubre? I think Self just didn't have anyone else to go to. Self does need to work on everyone playing as a team together instead of a highlight reel for their future. Our future does look brighter. Just need someone around 6"11.

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Bounced: Shockers do as they please, send Jayhawks home

Great comments and hope coach is reading a few. I disagree with some though. Perry being too soft, maybe. He is just too small playing the position he is. I liked that he improved this year. And he did try every single game. He was pretty consistent in rebounds and scoring. Where was our guards when we needed them. They would have one good game and then 2-3 games where they were nowhere to be found. And Greene can't play defense. I did like Mason as a pg. Hunter should have played more. We need a Big that can give us points. I wasn't impressed with Alexander.I don't see him playing next year. I do like our team for next year. Just get somebody who can shoot. And a guard who can play defense. Somebody to coach our bigs.

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Jayhawks arrive in Omaha for NCAA opener

Okay, let's see how bad the team wants it. I am not concerned with Cliff and feel we can be more comfortable without him. Traylor and Lucas have shown more heart and desire to play.Just disappointed in how highly recruited he was without ever showing talent. Bigger distraction than anything.How hungry is this team and who will lead them...

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