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Looking for more: Ben McLemore says he fixed his shot

I feel better after reading this. Glad he's shooting better, and getting shots to fall (even though it is no pressure) in that huge stadium. I think it is going to take a solid effort by everyone to get past Michigan.
That is a pretty safe assumption I know, but I'm saying I don't think we can have an off half again, because the chances of Michigan also having a less than stellar half aren't great.

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FINAL: Naadir Tharpe's floater saves KU in 68-67 double-OT win over Oklahoma State

Hey, I was in 8th grade in '94. Even had a shirt.. I'm sure there have been dumber shirts people have worn since then. :)

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FINAL: KU overcomes 10-point, second-half deficit, defeats Purdue, 63-60

Thats the funniest thing I've read all year. +1

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FINAL: KU overcomes 10-point, second-half deficit, defeats Purdue, 63-60

I had on a KU polo shirt that I wore last game. We weren't doing well but I was sure the shirt had good luck in it. Decided before half that if we weren't ahead at the under 16 time out in the 2nd, I would switch shirts. So I switched to my other KU polo then. Almost switched to a KU T-shirt at the under 4, but we were closer and I thought if things go bad I may not have time to change again.

Now I'm confused on if I should wear this 2nd polo for the next game, or if I'm meant to wear a different shirt each game.

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Plenty to play for: Big 12 title, revenge motivate KU in final battle with MU


Like the other dude said though, first row almost always has it.

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Conner Teahan working to correct three-point woes

Our inability to guard the 3 is what I seem to remember from our tourney losses. Perhaps you are right that we shot too many 3s at a low percentage in those games, but I think that is a symptom rather than a cause of why we lost them.

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Kansas loses bowl carrot


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FINAL: Fired-up KU takes down A&M, 79-66

I don't think KU will come out (and stay) flat. Early lead of 10+, by the under 12 timeout. Perhaps a little lull here and there, up by 18 at the buzzer.

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FINAL: KU uses late surge to top Cornell, 71-66 is working, just force a refresh on the video if its not playing, then it will ask for the password. phog.

But the quality is pretty bad on it tonight. I've been trying to find another feed online but not having much luck. has a ton of games, but somehow doesn't have KU's game.

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KU at Colorado -- 10/17/09 at Folsom Field

The TV coverage has been pretty poor unless you have a satellite package where you get EVERYTHING.

I've been able to catch the games online at one of these sites:

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