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KU names Northwestern Deputy AD Travis Goff new athletic director

Why is diversity ideal? Sure it can be, and I understand it looks great to the masses.. Maybe that is why, because its easier to get a broader range of athletes to commit. But does it produce results? Turner Gill was the answer to everything bad Mangino was, and that created 12+ years of disaster in FB.

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Big Sky assistant: Eastern Washington's 5-out style will stretch KU's defense

I'd think anyone that isn't a EWU fan would state it was worse for Kansas to have the season pulled out from under them.

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Self says McCormack, Enaruna will not play in Big 12 tournament because of COVID-19 protocol

We've had bench guys come in and make big impacts in the past...

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How 8 minutes of zone defense helped Kansas top Texas Tech and why the Jayhawks played it to begin with

I think part of the reason it is so effective is because it is utilized so infrequently.

Edit: I see my point was made by others earlier..

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Baylor defeats Kansas to capture first win at Allen Fieldhouse, 67-55

What happened when he came back in? Because the game I watched didn't have KU doing anything special when he was back. We straight up lost and got owned by them in all aspects for the last 28 minutes of the game.

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KU basketball player Carlton Bragg accused of pushing woman down stairs, pleads not guilty; won't be allowed to play

Yeah. I hope that means this is a BS charge. Really disappointed otherwise.

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Secondary issues dominate KU-KSU

Thats a pretty cool story.

How'd you screw up spelling Allen Fieldhouse?

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Jayhawks hold players-only meeting Tuesday night in wake of loss to K-State

I mostly agree with what you said. However, damn near every year we hear how tough the B12 is, and then when you get to 8 teams left in the tournament, the B12 is underrepresented compared to other conferences. Maybe its the style of play in the B12 compared to the other conferences, but something doesn't feel right with how bad the B12 represents itself in the tournament. So what I'm getting at is, even if we could beat the UCLA streak, does the rest of the country look at it as 'weak'?

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Abysmal in Indy: Top-ranked Kentucky throttles Kansas

Thats fine, but I believe Suzi was addressing the portion of the comment from Rodney about why no one has signed with KU for next year.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

Ugh. I had a big comment typed out just as the live thread refreshed to kill off posts. Forced me to finally do the full name BS. Anyway, I'm Cansas in the live game threads.

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