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Tom Keegan: Paranoia haunts cheating college basketball coaches more now than ever

Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina are schools kids already WANT to come to. Other schools basically pay kids not to go to these school and come to their school. I always find it strange when top 25 kids commit to off brand schools (i.e. Mitchell Robinson) I'm more concerned with manipulated transcript cover-ups then pay for play schemes. Not saying it's not possible but I doubt it.

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Villanova jumps Kansas to move to No. 1 in AP college basketball poll

I feel like this can be used as motivation moving forward. Nobody respects us as the nations best.

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KU target Trae Young hoping to travel to Lawrence this weekend

So by this decision is he actively choosing KU over OSU?

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KU target Trae Young hoping to travel to Lawrence this weekend


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Bill Self looks back on six seasons of one-and-done Jayhawks … and one to come

Agreed about Ellis and Seldon, appreciate the contributions over the years but im excited to see what the team will look like moving forward. On your statement on OAD's just off the top of my head Carmelo, Anthony Davis, Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones. They all lead their teams

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NCAA preview: Top 12 reasons KU can win it all in 2016

I hope we get a look at Arizona strictly for recruiting purposes

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Clocked: Wayne Selden Jr. highlights KU's semifinal victory

That dunk alone should boost his draft stock. Ridiculously athletic

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KU point guard Frank Mason lets Big 12 title do his talking

Oh yea Saturday should be fun! Frank already crossed the WVU Committee, Medford, Taylor, and Cousins off his revenge list, I can't wait to see what he has in store for #1 Morris.

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'Turned up' at Texas: KU cruises to claim sole possession of Big 12 title

I wouldn't trade all of that but I would trade the end of the conference streak for a National Championship

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Spark plug: Jamari Traylor making most of minutes

Call me crazy but with the emergence of Draymond Green and the small, quick Center position I think Mari has a shot in the NBA if he goes to the right organization. Light feet on D, fairly accurate from 10-12 ft and in, great energy/hustle, really the only thing negative ab him is he is undersized. Imagine if that kid was 6'10, yikes! I wouldn't go as far as saying he should be drafted he definitely has to earn it this summer but if he puts in the work, maybe go work out with Tarik, he could get a break and make a roster. Something numbers can't measure is heart, if it could it would be off the charts for this kid for as much as he's overcome

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