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Keegan: Walker KSU's superstar

You homers are such whiners. If all you want to read and hear is how great KU is, write yourselves a couple of letters. Maybe you can bring up 1988 again. Or cry about how great KU was during the Roy years.

KSU might barely hit the NCAA; they are doing some great recruiting and maybe just maybe they will be competitive. KU will continue to do really well, have some great games, win the Big 12, go to the tourney and then will probably go out in the 1st or 2nd round. Soon after you will all whine some more about Bill Self. So what is the big deal?

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KU flounders in second half



Oh yeah, that feels better.

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Rivalry intensifies stereotypes

BABBOY, why are you being "that guy"? If you were confident and proud to be a wildcat, you would feel good about your school, not bad about KU...

Petejayhawk is baiting you. All of these posters are baiting you.

Also the whole "which I could buy seven times over" comment? Who do you think you are? You sound like some Jack@#$ braggart.

Stop making my school look bad.

KSU 45 KU 17

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Rivalry intensifies stereotypes

I love both cities and while a loyal Wildcat, I inadvertantly attended KU for some grad classes. I agree that every stereotype exists on both campuses. Lets agree on this: Those who live and breathe and create their persona based on their Alma Mater's sports teams success or failures are losers.

I have to say this. I FREAKING HATE THE POWERCAT. I still wear my washed out willie the wildcat hat and my own alumni base mock me. Oh well...EVERYMAN A WILD CAT GO JIM BEAM!!!! KSU 45 KU 17

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KU football notebook

Why is the there a Viagra add at the bottom of the column? Is the team planning some sort of "special" attack?

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Huggins already leaving his mark on K-State

Why doesn't the LJ World just link to the DUI video.

Speaking of high integrity programs on probation, I love how when Sasha went down, Self went back to the Giles despite his tendency to hit women. Well, at least he kicked him off the team for good this time.

Unless someone else goes down?

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Keegan: K-State's gamble pays off

How about

"wait til basketball season" vs "we're not just an ag school"?

Fat man v. Bald man?

2003 big 12 champs v. 2006 big 12 chumps?

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KU closes out CU, 20-15

The move to put in the true frosh was a bad one. A single win is hardly worth pulling a redshirt. The season is a mess. So much for building a program.

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Oh well, the toilet bowl is on the way! KSU v KU!!!

Oh yeah, its like 1990 all over again.

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Oh, no, not again

KU has higher admission standards? I think not. It is a state school.

KU Admission Requirements:
Achieve an ACT score of 21 or above or an SAT score of 980 or above, or Earn at least a 2.0 GPA, or
Rank in the top one-third of their high-school class.

KSU Admission Requirements
Score a 21 or higher on the ACT
Rank in the top third of your graduating class
Complete the Kansas pre-college curriculum with a 2.0 GPA

Nope, Can't be the tough KU Admissions...I am afraid that Coach is really not that impressive a guy. Why would a parent trust their kid to someone who seems to lack self discipline? I hope they can get it together, but it looks pretty dismal.

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