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Kansas guard Ochai Agbaji named Big 12 men's hoops player of the week

To give our Freshmen backups more playing time?

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Notebook: Bill Self says KU basketball transfer big man Cam Martin will redshirt

It would be nice to see KU try to get offensive rebounds.

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Senior guard Ochai Agbaji explodes for career-high 29 points to lead No. 3 Kansas past Michigan State at Champions Classic

Braun is so vexing. His defense looks so slow, but he'll come through with some amazing stops. I think he is one of the better passers on the team and right now I want him doing the alley oops to everyone else. BUT, he is supposed to be a 3-pt threat. How can he be that if never takes the shot? He only shot twice and missed both. That is not a 3-pt threat. He consistently passed up the open shot. Mostly because he had to because he was too busy trying to decide if he should take the open shot and the defense closed in. So come on Braun, shoot the ball more.

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KU Athletics will allow reentry for 2nd half of Jayhawks' rivalry game vs. K-State

Huzzah! Half-time tailgating.

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Jayhawks old and new eager to return to packed Allen Fieldhouse for exhibition clash with Emporia State

I still want KU to come to Warrensburg and play UCM. Phog coached both programs. UCM has a good little dedication display to him at the football field too.

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13 Jayhawks open 2021-22 season on NBA rosters

I'd also like to know about KU players with overseas playing contracts and NBA front office jobs.

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No. 3 Oklahoma rallies for 35-23 road win over KU football

I fully believe it was the Big XII making the call to keep a team in the playoff hunt.

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Lance Leipold addresses OU 4th down conversion, L to Sooners

Well, I'll say it for him: Forward progress was stopped. The Big XII made the call to let OU Offense keep the ball and not put it in the hands of the OU Defense to keep them in the NCAA Playoff picture.

Never mind all the (dis)missed holds on OU's big offensive plays.

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Jayhawks see some offensive progress, despite loss at No. 17 Coastal Carolina

Back of topic... It feels good that we could score 22 points against a Top-15 team. That hasn't happened in a while.

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Realignment Today: Reports indicate Big 12 planning to officially invite BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF to join the conference as soon as Friday

reposted from the other article:

Let's keep it going...
...Now that Texas is leaving, we can send invitations to Colorado and Nebraska to come back. ... Poach from the SEC and ask Arkansas to join.
... Get more from the ACC and ask everyone else in the ACC too.

Maybe we could get to 20 teams. Then every 2 years hold a 'Division Draft' to pick the two groups. Bet ESPN would pay to televise that and force the SEC and BigG to do it too.

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