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Kansas men's basketball to face Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri next season

Only one exhibition game huh? What a great time to start playing the University of Central Missouri for the Phog Allen Cup. They are DII so it would count as a second exhibition game.

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A look back at some of the more overshadowed moments of Kansas' title-game win over UNC

Watched the Bacot/floor video a few times. The didn’t really move. Rather it compressed down a bit. One angle showed it happened to Dave in a different spot on the same play. The more replays I watched, the more I saw it. So it was happening all game.

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Kansas basketball's Remy Martin experience ends on an incredible high

IMO, the thing that Remy brought to this team the most was attitude. I think last year's team was very lacking there most of the time with only Mitch busting out after a big play. Remy is different thought. He seemed to be pumped up before a play no matter which team had the ball. I don't every remember another KU player slapping the floor on defense like he does. That attitude rubbed on CB and DM.

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Notebook: KU guard Ochai Agbaji misses 10th-ranked Kansas' win at Iowa State because of COVID-19

Good. Maybe this will get CB to start the catch and shoot again.

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 10 Kansas basketball at No. 20 Iowa State

1) Passing #1 - Stop throw the pass behind the other guy. It slows the guy don't from getting into position to shoot.
2) Passing #2 - Move to the pass and stop reaching to get it. Puts you into position to shoot faster by not pulling the ball back to you.
3) Shoot the ball - mostly for Braun (and somewhat Wilson). At the start of the year, he'd catch and shoot. He's back to last year's hesitant decision making.
4) Hands - clutch that thing when they get a rebound, don't let anyone slap or take it away. It happened too often vs. UK. Sure McCormick will get the rebound, but there is a good chance the other team will make him turn it over.
5) Don't be afraid to shoot from outside - this is for Harris and Martin. If you never shoot, why bother send a guy out to guard you?

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The team KU fans love to hate brings best out of Allen Fieldhouse

I can't blame NU for leaving at all. I remember the Big 8 and when one of the biggest college football games of the year was Nebraska/Oklahoma. Then Texas showed up and ruined everything. The Red River Rivalry used to be an OU/UT thing. With UT in the league, the Big 12 made it a Big 12 thing and marginalized the NU/OU game. I'd feel slighted too. I wish they'd come back after we get Texas out of here.

I miss CU too and don't blame them for leaving either. They witnessed what the Big 12 did to NU. With NU gone, there goes their biggest rival.

A&M - agreed I always felt like they were just here. I think the Big 12 NU'd them too. For a century the UT/A&M game was the biggest game in the state of Texas. A year after they both came to the Big 12, the game became second fiddle to Red River for UT. As the years went on, it seemed it became just another game to the Big 12 and not special.

MU - Now the only reason they left was the football $$$$. I never want to play them in football again. I have a little sympathy for them in other sports because football made them go. Now that all the leadership that took them away was either fired or made to resign in disgrace, we can play them - once per year per sport (Not football). Preferably at KU or a neutral site and not in Columbia.

I would welcome back NU, CU and A&M (hey A&M - bring Arkansas with you).
I am happy to see Georgia giving the beatdown to MU every year that they deserve.
I gladly wish UT farewell (door slammed).
I feel that OU is making an MU-level mistake and I hope they fail in every game except when they play UK and MU in basketball and UT and MU in football.

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Border Blowout: Junior guard Christian Braun sparks KU's 102-65 win over Missouri

The main course - watching KU apply a whooping

Dessert - Notre Dame handing the “L” to UK

I more closer. Get that record this year!

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Passage of time the biggest reason KU is set to renew its rivalry with Missouri on Saturday

How does making them look bad help their recruiting?

I am perfectly fine with renewing the rivalry since every one of their leaders that took them away were either fired or forced to resign.

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'A hard guard': Agbaji, Braun punish UTEP with potent offensive production in 78-52 Kansas victory

Agreed, Remy does need to score more, but last night his shot just wasn't falling. He did well in the passing/assist game though. He made a few passes that just looked awesome that turned into turnover because the receiver wasn't ready for the quickness and high ball speed. I blame that on last year. I don't remember any hard passes last year. Pretty sure our bigs are not used to them yet.

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After breakout game in OT win at Texas, QB Jalon Daniels 'could' start for KU football going forward

I rewatched the 2-pt conversion. If it wasn't the end of the game, would/should have the refs called a targeting penalty on Texas #14 when he launched helmet to helmet on Casey?

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