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Prep Releford picks Jayhawks

'I'm still sticking by my original thesis regarding ADP's previous identity. Waaaaaaay to much Tigerboard logic in there not to be.

'B!TCH!'? Whoa!

Hmmm. No one was questioing YOUR loyalty to the program or your support of HCBS, nota. But -

you say you're "very content and proud of a 33-5 win season." Yet you say in the previous post that you hate it when idiots like me get on here and are satisfied with "sub-par performances." My whole point is that (curse me if you will) I, too was very proud of our 33-5 season last year, but can't, for the life of me, consider it 'sub-par'.

You suggest the players are 'satisfied' without 'winning titles'. Where did you hear that?

You say you "want a title so damn bad." Hey, so do I, bro. Then you state APD/'phog' has a 'legitimate point' and say "We need to win a title!" Okay, then I'll ask 'or what?' What will happen if we don't? Other than hearing the same old 'KU chokes every year' mantra from our friends in black and gold and in purple (while they sit at home unable to watch THEIR teams even be invited to the NIT.) I can only hope you don't put any credence in any of that crap. I've got news for ya, nota- NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, those guys are NEVER going to say anything else.

I guess my major point of departure with your POV, nota, is that you seem to be acting like sitting through this off-season in the aftermath of "a 33-5 season that ends with a loss in the elite eight" is subjecting you to an endless nightmare of suffering- where I was rather enjoying the off-season because of it.

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Prep Releford picks Jayhawks

"Isn't the journey bittersweet when we lose in the first round of the Big Dance two years in a row."

Yeah - that sums up the entire history of KU basketball, doesn't it? The same revisionist history dogsh*t you always have to scoop up from the sidewalk in front of GoPowercat or the Tigerboard. Has KU ever had a 'journey' that didn't end up with our losing 'in the first round of the dance'. Seems to me we have, unless someone wants to correct me otherwise. THAT's the kind of crap we shouldn't have to deal with, nota.

You talk about how 'painful' it is to not 'win it all', seattle. Try living the life of a Kansas State, Missouri basketball fan. Then, I would submit, you would truly experience 'painful'. Then compare that to 'not winning it all'. And the fact that we have fans trashing our coaches and players 'after every game we lost' this season (ALL FIVE OF THEM!!!) is just another example of this absurdity.

Again, nota, you say 'god forbid we still have to deal with this crap next season'. Huh? Heaven forbid we would have to 'deal' with YET ANOTHER 33-5 season? Right. I could think of no more shameful a stain on the heritage of KU basketball. Absolutely!

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm just out of it. Maybe I just don't get it. But sometimes I really wonder.

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Prep Releford picks Jayhawks

Does anyone else remember how some jacka$$ MU fan got on here some time back, and, while adopting the user name of 'phog' (I think it was) hijacked a number of threads with constant references to KU basketball teams 'choking' EVERY YEAR in the NCAA Tournament, or loses to Bucknell and Bradley EVERY YEAR, and how KU winning Big 12 titles don't mean anything, and how KU fans should be sick of underachieving EVERY YEAR, etc.?

Okay, look at the ridiculous sh*t 'ADPJayhawk' has posted on this thread. Now ask yourself - do you believe in (internet) reincarnation? Do we have a match?

Come on people - don't waste anymore time arguing with that pathetic lowlife. Don't debase KU's program by saying you agree with anything that pathetic lowlife says. Wise up! The KU basketbal program doesn't need defending. If we ever (heaven forbid!) have a program where we have a stranglehold on sixth place in the Big 12 and can't even rate an invite to the freakin' NIT (much less the NCAA Tournament) then we would deserve to hang our heads in utter shame.

Again - WISE UP!

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Keegan: Holy cow! Jayhawks loaded

Questions for 'phog'--

1.) Please tell all of us of your favorite memory you, as an MU fan, took away from watching your team in the NCAA Tournament in the last three years.

2.) Which one of your team's 1st round losses in the NIT (in '04 and '05) were the most gratifying for you, and why?

3.) What's it like to have your team ignored by both the NCAA Tournament AND NIT selection committee in the same year? Would it be:

a. Totally embarrassing
b. Abjectly humiliating
c. Completely ignominious
d. Thoroughly mortifying
e. All the above

4.) How relieved were you when your team narrowly avoided being accorded the singular honor of finishing in last place in the Big XII this past season?

5.) What was worse for you and all MU fans:

a. Finishing in 11th place in the Conference.
b. Finishing in 11th place in the Conference while watching KU take first place and win the post-season tournament, as well?


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KU hoops recruit to reveal long-awaited decision

Thanks for the comedy relief DofD.

Most of us equate 'pathetic' with not being able to win a single NCAA Tournament game year after year (since 1988 in someone's case.) Or being unwanted by even the year after year (the last eight in someone's case.) Or losing year after year after year after year after year to your in-state rival (31 straight in someone's case.) Now THAT'S painful. And pitiful. And ignominious. And laughable. No wonder a school with that level of futility felt the nedd to hire a coach who had put hi steam on probation. No wonder at all.

Speaking of laughable, how about no national championships and one (count 'em ONE) tainted conference title being tought of as a 'Decade Of Dominance'! That's my definition of 'winning nothing'. But then again, if that same team finished in last place in the Big XII North each of the last two years, I guess I'd create a fanciful nickname for that program too.

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