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Inconsistencies plague Jayhawks in 2nd half again during 52-33 loss at Duke

Hope I don't have to eat my words but I really like what I see from this KU football team. Can't believe I am saying this when we are 1-3, but things just feel different than under previous regimes.

Bean is a real QB and I am SO happy that we are not yanking him in and out. He won the job, stick with him. He can run and he can pass. One bad decision on the INT today but those happen.

Many a time in past years I think the players just gave up at a certain point in the game, and also at a certain point in the season. Players seem to be playing hard for the coach.

I would like to see this team make improvements this season. Find out who can play and who cannot, fix fundamental mistakes, build on your successes.

As long as Coach L can recruit (which I think he can), I think KU will be fine in a few years.


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Brent Dearmon leaving KU football to become O.C. at MTSU

I am worried that there is more to this story than we know. Why would he eave KU for the same position at a similar program? Something we do not know yet?

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3-star Texas prep WR joins KU football's 2021 class

It would be (mildly) interesting to have stats on how many early "commitments" do end up at the school they committed to. I am thinking not just about Kansas but any school. Something like months out when committed and percentage who ended up at that school, so 13 months out and 25% end up there, or is it more like 75%.

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KU's offense comes alive to soar past Boston College for 48-24 win

Awesome win for the KU program.

While I was really disappointed in the poor showing last week, I saw two things this week that indicates Miles is a MUCH better coach than last year's guy.

If Beaty were still coaching Carter Stanley and Thomas MacVittie would already have been switched out 3-4 times. Certainly after a few bad series last week we would have seen MacVittie, then probably Stanley again late in the game. And all week 90% of the stories would be about who would be starting against BC. And after that first bad interception by Stanley, Beaty would have yanked him and put MacVittie or someone else in the game.

As much as Beaty changed QBs, he remained consistently stubborn on offensive schemes. Week after week we would try the same stuff and it wouldn't work.

Stick with your personnel, give them the confidence that they can screw up and not immediately be yanked from the game. Build you game plan around your team's strengths and the other team's weaknesses.

Over the last 2 years we have seen several KU QBs transfer and succeed at other programs. They weren't over the top incredible, but much more successful than at KU. That indicated to me that our coaching and/or personnel were the problem. I was leaning toward thinking it was mostly coaching. I not just leaning that way now....

As huge as this win is for the program, there still is a long way to go. I thought HCLM said it best, something like in the future these type of victories won't be as rare for this program and this university.

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Matt Tait: The optimist's outlook on the 2019 KU football team

While the win-loss record is the ultimate way to judge a program, I am curious about what other indicators would make us "pessimistic" or "optimistic" about the new coaches and where this program is headed.

A new coach has to play the hand that was dealt him. He doesn't have control over attracting talent and recruitment, who is on the schedule, etc. That will come later.

But there are things that he can control that would give me an early indication of whether he knows what he is doing, or not.

1. Preparation and teaching basic football skills. Do we have good fundamentals, can the guys tackle, block, etc. Every player at this level I would think is teachable, and if the staff cannot install fundamentals, then we have serious problems. Have we scouted the opponent so we have a game plan that gives us the best chance to win.

2. Do the players quit or do they play hard until the end of the game? Do they continue to play hard and compete all the way to the end of the season?

3. Can the coaches actually get the offensive and defensive plays called in time to give our guys a chance to be successful (that was infuriating with our last set of coaches)? Let's broaden this to, does the coaching staff do things that are obviously just plain dumb and are "unforced errors."

4. Again this is one of my pet peeves about Beaty, can the coach pick a quarterback and stick with the guy long enough to let him get some confidence and rhythm? It wasn't like our opponents were desperately trying to figure out who would start at QB so they can game plan for that. All it did is hurt our own team. Let the players know you have enough confidence in the QB that you will actually announce it ahead of time. I can be less snarky I suppose and say, can they evaluate talent?

As an aside, before the Orange bowl season I was really upset that Mangino picked this unknown guy T Reising for quarterback and moved Meier to WR. I thought, he better know what the hell he is doing.

He did.

5. Do the coaches make good half-time adjustments, and also make needed adjustments as the season goes on. This might sound in contradiction to #4, but it is not. I said "good" adjustments. Example - running the ball is not working so let's pass more or vice versa. We really have a weakness at this position, and we have an abundance of talent at this other position, can we move a player out of their natural position.

I am very curious what people think of this list. Are there things you disagree with, things you would add?

6. Does the coach use the term "cat" when mentioning players, e.g. "Tony did a great job yesterday. That cat knows how to play."

I don't know why, but that always bothered me.

But the coach can do and say anything he wants if we go to a bowl game :).

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley KU's QB best suited to facing Big 12 competition

Probably nothing bothers me more than the "QB Carousel". Really, opposing coaches must have been laughing when Beaty tried to make them guess who to prefer for. We have been so bad it really didn't matter who was quarterback. Opposing coaches defensive game plans were probably no more complicated than "go tackle the guy with the ball."

Balance that against the effect on our offense. Uncertainty and doubt, difficulty in establishing a rhythm, increased chances for fumbles on snaps, decrease your quarterbacks confidence.

Am I missing anything here?

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Peyton Bender will remain KU's starting QB at Baylor

Was Beaty watching the same game that I was? Kendricks moved the team better than Bender. Agree with Dillon, I saw way too many errant throws by Bender.

I predict Bender will start, he will play poorly, then Beaty will put in Kendricks.

And then Beaty will say mid-week he will start Bender, Bender will play poorly, and then he will put in Kendricks - or maybe some other quarterback.

The small amount of goodwill that Beaty built up with me with the last two victories just evaporates again when I read stories like this...

And yup, this type of stuff will eventually get Beaty fired.

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Jayhawks intent on recovering from disappointing season debut

I feel for the players.

The play that proved to me that the coaching staff is inept was when a KU defensive player was caught on tape using an expletive to tell the defensive staff to get the ****ing play in. I believe it was the play where Nicholls State ran up the middle almost untouched for a touchdown (could be wrong on the play though).


If I were a Kansas coach I would ensure that I absolutely *minimized* any mistakes/distractions on my part so I'd give the players the best chance to win. Make sure the players were as prepared as possible, make sure my game plan was clear and understandable, ALWAYS GET THE ****ING plays in on time, not change my mind constantly on play calling, set a lineup and stick with it, etc.

This coaching staff (at least HC and DC) are *reducing* the chance the players have to perform well, and maybe win some games.

I think it is time for Beaty to go, even before we know who the next HC is going to be. Send a signal to current players and potential future players that this level of coaching is not tolerable and Kansas WILL get a better staff in place.

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Tom Keegan: Resumption of rivalry with Missouri would help KU football

Not playing them makes KU look petty.

I was unhappy when MU left the Big XII, but I don't blame them, as I would have KU leave in a heartbeat if we found a good home.

We should play them.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

Everyone has known that Dok's free throw shooting form is atrocious, so why haven't the coaches told him to change it? I don't think anyone could shoot free throws well with such poor form. I am more frustrated that this wasn't corrected months ago than with Self's decision to keep him in the game late (although I think that was a mistake too).

If his form were good and he has been practicing free throws and still missing them, then I guess you could say the coaches have done all they could. But why in the world have they not insisted he shoot with a better form? Am I missing something?

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