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KU football player Pooka Williams charged with domestic battery, suspended from team

Kansas Football can not have nice things.

The football gods have not forgotten that they hate us

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Notebook: Dineen disappointed by Cyclone-heavy crowd

Coaches may suck but players deserve fan support, especially coming off a win

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Kansas knocks off TCU to end Big 12 losing skid

Beaty will not be back. Great win for future recruiting and possible head coach awareness.

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Tom Keegan: Daylon Charlot finally put on stage

Best kid on the team and Meacham couldn’t stand him.

It’s too late for Beaty but Daylon was a key piece of a group of players that are talented enough and have the work ethic that could have kept him his job.

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TCU down 2 offensive starters for game at KU

are you upset about being 2 TD underdogs to a team that gave tOSU a game??

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Stats say Carter Stanley better QB vs. Big 12

Tom, you're an insightful guy. I'd like to hear your takes on the arguments against CS9 if possible.

1) Carter Stanley gets sacked on 12.5% of dropbacks. That is the worst in the FBS

2) Carter Stanley is a walking turnover/has never played a full game and not turned the ball over.

3) Carter's third down % is abysmal.

I am Carter > Bender all day.. just curious why you hitch your wagon to a guy that is last in so many statistical categories.


SIDENOTE: You have stated that Miles Kendrick is recovering from a surgery when I believe you meant Injury as no surgery was required to heal his injury.

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Stats say Carter Stanley better QB vs. Big 12

Miles Kendrick plz & ty

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Friday Forecasts: Careful of betting with a system

This is very risky for sports betting but 100% foolproof for betting black on roulette.

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty still firing away

Carter Stanley would have never played a snap at KU if Meacham had his way. He wanted Bender and then this year wanted Bender or Kendrick. He chose Kendrick when out recruiting.

Carter only played last year because Bender was hurt. That is the sad fact of the matter and furthermore prove Meacham thought he was terrible (because he is) but sadly a terrible QB is a better option for KU instead of a below average one w/ decent arm talent because the better QB can't overcome adversity.

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Tom Keegan: David Beaty still firing away

when did I defend him?

What Tom said was savage as hell and hilarious. I responded laughing.

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