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Danny Manning named interim head coach at Maryland

Agreed. Look at our last three: Brown; Williams; Self.....if that ain't the gold standard, what is?? 38 straight years of stability & quality.

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Approval from Board of Regents a requirement if KU, K-State desire to negotiate moving into new conference

Why have conferences at all? 300+ schools make their own schedules according to history, geography, rivalries, rankings etc. All schools as free agents, doing what they perceive as best for themselves. The NCAA is: a joke; powerless; ancient & archaic. Reshuffling of conferences has shown what really rules and what schools are really valuing: money & prestige. So, let everyone chase individually what they are really going for anyhow.

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Jayhawks sitting on the brink of serious recruiting upswing

Great examples Andy Tweedy. You just never know how individual players will turn out. One thing I believe we can count on: Coach Self and his staff will "coach 'em up".

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KU AD Jeff Long: Still no word on Silvio De Sousa's appeal

Agree Mike Bennett. Pretty straightforward: too much money involved. Want to find the source of greed, deception, and cheating? FOLLOW THE MONEY. We all love to root for our various college teams and much good happens when young men and women play sports in college. But altruistic notions get thrown aside when the money swells to the levels seen currently.

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Jayhawks blow out Oklahoma, 104-74, on Big Monday

De Sousa looked like his confidence & understanding of what to do/where to be is on the rise. Going forward, if he can contribute 10-15 valuable minutes, it will be huge.

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Senior forward Dwight Coleby leaving Kansas basketball program

Well said about Coach Self.

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Jayhawks secure outright Big 12 title with win over Texas

Haven't posted in a long while, but couldn't wait to slag Walton. I should have streamed the audio from the KU network now that I think about it. A little Walton....fine. As much as ESPN doled out....too much. Always remember, the sporting event takes precedence. At least KU won!

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KU's Bill Self laments team's mistakes as much as missed calls in season-opening loss to Indiana

Your team scores 99, and you would expect a win.

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Why Bill Self doesn't pay Kansas taxes on about 90 percent of his earnings

"it should be the goal of every American to reduce their tax liability by as much as legally possible." Agree 100%. It is certainly my goal, but always done legally. Legally is how Coach Self has done it too. Unhappy? Check with Topeka....we voted them into office!

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Diallo has big day at NBA Combine

Good luck to Cheick Diallo. We should all wish former Jayhawks well as they move forward in whatever path they choose. The amount of time, work, and effort they input to the KU basketball program is far more than most of us will ever do.
Having said that, for me personally, I will root more for the multiple year guys than for the OAD guys simply because I've gotten to 'know' them more. One year, they're gone, and you hardly feel like they were even Jayhawks. That doesn't make them bad or unworthy, but the extended time allows the fans to bond deeper.
Just an opinion.....

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