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KU honors, learns from 2008 Orange Bowl team in first game

Aquib Talib was, in fact, a CORNERback. Not QUARTERback. just so we are all on the same page.

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What to make of Josh Jackson canceling pre-draft workout with Boston

I don't see JJ with the 76ers. They have a "do-it-all" forward in Ben Simmons and they have the Power Forward covered in Dario Saric along side the Center in JoJo. They need offense and could easily take Monk, Tatum, or even someone like Fox for the offensive end. As much as I would love to see JJ go there I don't know that, that will happen. If Hinkey were still in charge and JJ slipped to 3 I would say absolutely but this new management in Philly seems to want to start winning and getting talent that is ready now.

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Early NBA mock drafts have Josh Jackson going anywhere from third to fifth

The people that put these lists together have many things to consider and one of those is team fit. Jackson doesn't really fit in with what they have going in Philly; they already have a "do-it-all" wing player in Ben Simmons along with a rising star in Dario Saric and obviously the emergence of JoJo. Malik Monk would be the best fit for Philly. The Suns on the other hand finished with one of the worst defenses in the league, have a young player to build around in Devin Booker and could really, really use someone like Josh. That would be the main reason he would slip out of the top 3. It would be a mistake for the Suns to take Tatum as they desperately need help where Jackson brings it.

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Jayhawks ranked from 1st to 11th in national, "Way-Too-Early" Top 25's for 2017-18 season

Did I say I thought he was say staying? No. Not remotely. I simply said that he has yet to say what his decision is, and, until such a time, he is still on the KU roster for next season. I'm not being overly optimistic or dreaming; I'm simply stating the fact that he is still on the team.

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Jayhawks ranked from 1st to 11th in national, "Way-Too-Early" Top 25's for 2017-18 season

Why does everyone already say Josh Jackson is gone? Don't make that young man's decision for him. He hasn't said anything yet. Until such a time I will hold onto hope that he returns.

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KU's Frank Mason III discusses his pro potential on NBA TV, with Grant Hill

Remember, Isaiah Thomas went 60th overall in 2011. Now he is scoring almost 30 points per game. Not saying Frank is the next Thomas, but just goes to show draft place and size doesn't mean anything. Frank knows it's the work you put into it that will take you to the next level.

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Pain of Elite Eight loss lingers, but Jayhawks have faith in future

Yeah, he should really adjust his coaching to make that ball go through the hoop. And change his defensive scheme to make it so they stop making those deep, guarded threes. What a horrible coach; he didn't sub out the backboard after they got some lucky bounces. Jeez fire that terrible coach.

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Tom Keegan: Taming Baylor Bears tougher task than ever

Scott Drew will pull his usual "Scott Drew" and find some way to make this team worse than it is. They have a great team, but I have seen far too many great Baylor teams fizzle into nothing under that coach. Nothing has changed at AFH, save for a few more wins, and Baylor will not play as well as they should on paper.

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Tom Keegan: In a game full of stars, Lucas proves to be most valuable

Have you seen Missouri's teams and records lately? Who would want to play that? It won't help the team that plays them in any category, except for giving them another win. There is a dumpster fire in Mizzou Arena and no one wants to huddle around it.

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks need Bragg to take step forward, just like WVU needed Ahmad

I'm honestly a fan of that. Bragg will get some good exercise down low and learn to play a bit on the block; then, maybe next year work on his outside game. It would be interesting to play a starting lineup with no one under 6'2", if Devonte stays that is. Graham at the point, Vick/Newman at the 2, Svi/Bragg/Preston at the 3, Bragg/Preston/Lightfoot at the 4, and Doke/Coleby/Preston at the 5. BIG lineup. Not likely, but would be fun to see!

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