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KU's Dedric Lawson eager to utilize skills gained at Kansas to carve out NBA career

Dedric was a master of finding narrow windows to get his shot off. The problem in the NBA is that if he's playing in the post, A) it's unlikely that a team with Dedric on the deep bench is going to make Dedric the focal point of the 2nd unit, and B) those windows just won't be there, as everybody is stronger, much faster, has a much better vertical leap.

Dedric also isn't fast enough to be a guy who can switch on the perimeter on defense. He couldn't do it at the college level. I do think he could develop NBA 3-pt range, so there's that.

Slightly different circumstances, but I could easily see him going undrafted like Perry Ellis. The skills that made Dedric a great college player don't translate to the NBA. But no shame in making money playing overseas. He's been in college 4 years (1 redshirt), and it's time.

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Breaking down the future of KU's basketball roster

The Morris twins left after 3 seasons. Dedric has been in college for 4 and is probably topped out. You're not reading the hints in the article correctly if you think he is coming back for another season.

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Breaking down the future of KU's basketball roster

Charlie has already redshirted a year, so if he transfers to D-1, he is down to his 5th year senior season as his one remaining season..

More likely is that he is a deep bench player for KU for 2019-20, graduates, and then as a grad transfer has immediate playing time at low-mid-major or low-major, where he would probably do pretty well.

Self was still playing him every game, so I don't think there's any friction there. Self doesn't want to ruin his college experience by running him off. It's on Self and his staff for a bad scouting job.

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Benton Smith: KU freshman Devon Dotson far too fast and tough for Northeastern

The Northeastern coach didn't do a very good scout or make very good adjustments. Hint: Devon Dotson is looking for driving lanes more than the outside shot. Dedric Lawson should not be single-teamed while your team is applying tight pressure to Garrett and/or Moore at the 3-pt stripe. When Dotson is leading a fast break, you have to pick your poison to some extent, but don't be backpedaling straight to your own basket. Etc., etc.

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4th-seeded Jayhawks prepared for different path in this year's NCAA Tournament

Marcus is an underclassman (sophomore) and has been coming off of the bench for the last 8 games.

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Breaking down what's left in the Big 12 race for KU, K-State and Texas Tech

Despite prepared statements, I always thought Agbaji was for Moore, not Udoka. The Udoka linkage was PR to make Moore not feel as bad. It's also possible that Self was getting a little wobbly with Vick by that point and needed options.

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Devon Dotson ideal guard for KU's late-season push

I liked this post a lot, until you got to your example PG's. Trey Burke is strictly a bench guy in the NBA these days (16 starts the last 5 seasons) and has been known as a shot hunter/ short shooting guard. Rose and Wall have reputations of A) being made of balsa wood (Wall hasn't played in a year-and-a-half!) and B) being guys who hunt their own shots to the extent that they stunt the development of talented teammates (e.g., Bradley Beal). I'd say that Kyle Lowry best fits your model PG, maybe Rubio and Simmons. Chris Paul was THE model PG until he signed on for Houston's ISO offense.

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Benton Smith: Jayhawks' persistent 3-point defense sets up must-have road win

Tech's next game is Texas at Lubbock. Texas is fighting for their tournament lives and just beat ISU. Then, probably more importantly, Tech finishes the regular season at ISU on Senior Night.

Unfortunately, I think Tech wins both, but there are some external factors in play that you won't see reflected in the algorithmic odds. UT and ISU should be VERY focused.

TCU is imploding, so I wouldn't take much from that.

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Notebook: Per report, KU officials to ask NCAA to reinstate Silvio De Sousa

Self and staff's comments on Silvio's eligibility were so positive over the summer. Then they began to back off those comments and, as we see, were reluctant to bring this to the NCAA. Clearly something changed, and fans can only make inferences. Am I misremembering that the guardian had a meeting in Allen with Self?

Whatever the "something" was, Self knows what went on. My guess (GUESS) is that Self kept having meetings with Silvio and finally got him to admit he knew about the payments -- and how this would play out over months was then a fait accompli. You're barking up the wrong tree if you think Self, Roberts, Townsend and Howard (and Marcioni) wanted this to work out this way.

Silvio, for a guy a half-year out of high school, got some top-flight instruction, lived in McCarthy, had state-of-the-art strength training, ridiculous training table, and got to grow up a bit in a structured environment. It hasn't been a terrible deal for him. Agents attend KU practices for nearly every home game, so he is still on their radar

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Game day - No. 7 Kansas vs. Texas

That would be nice... but our offense is not anywhere as sophisticated as Golden State's. We don't have he luxury of running Thompson off staggered picks, emerging to a perfectly timed Curry driving to the hole or shooting a 3 to draw a double-team, or Thompson running pick & roll with Durant. The latter is one of the of the most beautiful (if deadly quick) plays in pro ball.

If Agbaji is a legit outside threat, we can do a "little" of that. A lot of Vick's wild create-my-own shot is because we lack another legit outside threat.

I'll settle for an open Vick getting a pass right at the start of his shooting motion. He's having to move to the side a lot because of late or imprecise passes.

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