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Point guard Dajuan Harris commits to Kansas

I think that this might be an "all-in" year for Coach Self, considering the likelihood of Dotson, DeSousa and Azubuike all playing in 2019-20. Lightfoot is the only one I see redshirting. Self very rarely redshirts freshmen. This will be up there for deepest KU team ever -- I'm not sure I can remember when our likely 13th-man was top-100.

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KU's 4 freshmen haven't needed star power to impress observers

With Self's comments of Wilson playing the 4, this would be a great season for Mitch to redshirt. Heady, mature player who can provide leadership for the younger players over two years instead of one. Mitch is also someone who would appreciate getting all or most of a Masters level degree paid for..

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Iowa grad transfer Isaiah Moss signs with Kansas

In 2009-10, we had Aldrich, the Morris Twins, Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey, all of whom made or are still making millions playing in the NBA. 2008 had Jackson, Arthur, and Kaun, with Aldrich as a deep bench guy. I would have to give 2010 the big man depth award.

Something that goes unremarked upon is the recruiting to replenish our big men depth like that just two years after a championship. I believe that all five guys made All-Big 12 second team or better before leaving KU, with two making CPOY.

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KU target Jalen Wilson ready for Kansas visit

Well, better than Agbaji and Garrett. Lightfoot is not going to spend much if any time at the 3.

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What's next for KU with R.J. Hampton now off the board?

Playing Garrett at the PG would at least solve the problem of his defender sagging off five feet. That gives even a poor shooting PG too much court vision and too many passing lanes. E.g., Aaron Miles as a freshman and sophomore.

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What's next for KU with R.J. Hampton now off the board?

Sherron would have been a better PG than Dotson as a freshman, although he came off the bench. I think that Dotson was ahead of Mason and Graham as freshmen (they certainly weren't going to draft camp). Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the Bill Self era, Dotson is the only freshman starting as PG. Tyshawn as a starting freshman had a combo guard thing going with Sherron, but Dotson was better in year one.

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Devon Dotson's pro prospects

NPOY Jalen Brunson was taken 33rd last year. NPOY Frank Mason went 34th two years ago. The fact is that the NBA is awash in point guards more than any other position. Dotson has elite speed, but is smallish for a league that likes to switch defenders. He hasn't shown elite passing abilities yet, and he hasn't shown the consistent ability to score over bigger, stronger defenders, except for beating them down the court. Again, I question how much this scout actually saw of Dotson.

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Quentin Grimes' pro prospects

Brad, your memory is failing you. Kelly started 27 of 36 games at KU, and all of those non-starts were at the beginning of the year. He started 17 of 18 conference games, and my memory is failing me on whether the one non-starting game was a twisted ankle or disciplinary.

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Jayhawk Breakdown: NBA scout sizes up Quentin Grimes' pro prospects

Blake, I had the same question - did this scout literally ever see Quentin play college ball? That was a really poor breakdown of his game.

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As college basketball season draws to a close, KU coach Bill Self sees hope at 2019 Final Four

OU and KU were JUST in the Final 4, and now Texas Tech has made the championship game. The Big 12 has also had an amazing amount of NPOY type players come through: Trae Young, Buddy Hield, Blake Griffin, Michael Beasley, Kevin Durant, T.J. Ford. I understand it's all about the NCAA tournament, but the Big 12 has had a Final 4 participant 3 of the last 4 seasons. We had 3 in the Elite 8 last year. If Tech wins tonight with a team that had 0.3% the ESPN coverage of Duke, it completely changes the narrative on the Big 12.

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