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Kansas, Arizona State announce home-and-home hoops series

Smart thinking by the Californians. Their teams would need to take two showers after coming to this sh*t state.

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On the road again, KU hopes to end streak

I believe that this wish is definitely going to come true.

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Self kicks off Kansas’ Boot Camp

Wondering if this might be a blessing in disguise for Greene. He's had a few maturity issues, and an experience like this can sometimes bring a sense of humility and appreciation to a player.

I would never wish an injury on any kid, but sometimes good things come from bad.

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Off & running: Kansas running back Kinner making most of shot

He's pretty special and I'm optimistic that the staff will find ways to have him even more involved in the offense as the season progresses.

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Column: Diallo’s potential impact: 1 seed

You are right. No one in the history of sports has ever actually tried to predict how teams will fare, or the impacts players will have until their respective seasons are almost over.

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Column: Diallo’s potential impact: 1 seed

I don't get sleepy when the sun goes down.

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Blue-chip forwards visit today

On each of these recruiting articles, I imagine you all as a group of girls in the audience of a Beatle's concert. It's the only thing that makes sense.

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Chris Harris details 'stigma' that comes with going undrafted

You know, if this article included information on the number 19 rated recruit in the 2019 recruiting class, we'd have 19 comments....10 of them from RC saying that we were behind on recruiting.

You guys can't even bring an Atta-Boy to a guy who gave us 4 years of stellar play and is making huge career for himself in the league?


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Chris Harris details 'stigma' that comes with going undrafted

Sorry Chiefs fans, I hope that Chris and Aquib each get an oskie tonight.

One place that KU football definitely falls down is on recognizing players like Harris and Talib and others. Why not have their names up in the stadium? We need to celebrate their contributions to the program - who cares about All-American status? We suck and we need to recognize the guys who didn't.

Congratulations to Chris on overcoming the NFL CYA association. There comes a time when people just can't deny your talent. RCJHK!

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Column: Rutgers will be arresting foe

11 states and one plantation.

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