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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

Let me know when you pull your head out of the sand Jack. Your whole post is off. Got a lot of ifs = excuses in there. If this and this and this happen we could have won. Seriously? Then you say losing early to a MSU team that was behind and barely hanging on most of the game was good? Who ever said they were going undefeated? A experienced, with lots of summer practice team choked. Mental mistakes they looked lost out there . They got out rebounded by a smaller, injuried team. They were up 11 and lost by 6, a 17 point turn around to end the game. Come on Jack quit making excuses. That was a terrible loss. No harm in blowing off some steam when your team lays an egg like that on national tv. It's foolish for you to defend an effort like that. Why don't you calm down?

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Mickelson provides highlights in exhibition

Giles = Duke

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Kansas attorney general fires back after New Mexico A.G. predicts NCAA upsets

Micky I am not going to be able to continue any further communications with you after this post. Find someone else to haunt. Reality escapes you as you repeatedly show, and your lack of understanding is stunning. You completely lack comprehension sometimes, it is astounding how selective you are, it truly is. See you are the abuser, not that you are abused. Astonishing.

There was never a petition, this site as you well know, lets you post just about anything you want, wherever you want, you do this all the time, like in this thread, here right now, and you don't control it. I believe you wish you did. So I don't really care about what you think should have been done or where. You just jumped to conclusions like you always do and are embarrassed. You really have no moral basis, no checks no balances.

You are the opposite of everything I respect. I will not engage with someone like you anymore it is pointless. I refuse to enable you to spread your one sided warped views at my behalf.

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Kansas attorney general fires back after New Mexico A.G. predicts NCAA upsets

Micky you are doing it again. We are not talking about you. Look at those posts. Where do either us of say what we are doing is about you?

Rodney showed me a place where you can go to talk about online abusers, their term. You post your story and others on the site reply and talk to you about things that have happened to them and what they would do. Their comments are like hugs, and support. In the short time I have been on it, about a day now, I have over 100 replies.

I think it is going to be helpful for me. There is no petition about you. In fact what they said was that it is like whack a mole, if you remove one, another, or the same person just pops up. The focus is on you not the other persons anger or delusions.

I can't speak for Rodney, only me, but I have some positive things to work on when dealing with folks like you.

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Kansas attorney general fires back after New Mexico A.G. predicts NCAA upsets

Micky you posted on my wall 6 days ago, I was replying to you. If you did not want me to reply on your wall, you should have put that in the post after you told me to "Grow Up" I was asking you in the live post to tell me how to back away from you. Your angry terse reply is on my wall. Mine is now on yours, forever. It is an honest account of you in my eyes, as you said to me on my wall everyone gets to have their own opinion. ( you are going to have be more clear on how you want me to reply to you if you are going to hold me accountable for specific conditions)

You have brought this all on yourself, again. Like you always do it appears, fighting your own demons in your own way. Lashing out at anyone for anything, at anytime for real or perceived or paranoid reasons.

You ask above why no one is rushing to your defense, to jump on your side for something. No one wants to. We put up with you on here. Some of us, most of us it looks like, endure your wrath till you get distracted by something or someone else. Even this week you have rehashed old grudges against this site, and other posters that happened months ago. Why carry that anger so long unless you like to.

When you stick to basketball as Joe says you have keen insight. All the other junk is unnecessary. Just my opinion.

You sow the seeds you reap.

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Column: A few factors favor KU vs. WSU

Agreed. We could win anywhere from 0-3 games. We limped and crawled to a sparkling 7-5 record who knows what this team is going to do. They are never going to get by KY unless something biblical happens.

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Column: KU vs. WSU? Yes, please

97 now. Have you read some of the comments? whoa!

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Cliff Alexander doesn't make trip to Omaha for tournament

How True, how sad.

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Column: KU vs. WSU? Yes, please

They confirmed they have received it Rodney. We are all set. Thanks for your help!

Got to catch a red eye to Cincy.

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