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KU big man Udoka Azubuike to test NBA waters without an agent

It was a good choice for Svi last year. I hope for an outcome that works out best for Dok in the long run. He's still very young.

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Tom Keegan: Next chancellor must make football a priority

I think HCBS will have more say about what happens with the AD than any chancellor. The last time KU hired an AD specifically for football, that AD ended up alienating a pretty good basketball coach. I'd prefer to give this coach and AD time to implement their solution. Hiring and firing football coaches every two years won't get us anywhere.

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Column: K-State apology sorry excuse for an apology

Tom nails it. There is a big difference between the phrase "I'm sorry if you were offended" and "I'm sorry if I offended you". The first example is a dodge - the responsibility falls to the offended party, and there is no ownership of the action which caused the offense in the first place. In the second instance, the offending party accepts that they may not have taken all interpretations into account, which indeed was the case.

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Kansas State fan cited for disorderly conduct

If Jamari had retaliated, he might be facing manslaughter charges.

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Column: Kansas can’t afford football mis-hire again

Do you want a National Coach of the Year with a winning record at a top program? We already fired Charlie Weis. It's not always about the resume.

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Moment not too big for KU coach Clint Bowen, who lets personality shine through

Might have a hard time getting Ruffin McNeill away from his alma mater. If it's not Coach Bowen, I hope it's either Ed Warriner or Dave Beatty, for any number of reasons, most importantly, the continuity they would bring to the program. There would be some changes, of course, but I think they would keep the majority of the staff intact.

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Column: Make or break — CMU game could seal Weis’ fate

Tom, I was at WSU when Lew Perkins cancelled WSU's football program. The "ranking" of which you speak was done by Street & Smith, but it wasn't KU that ranked lower than WSU - it was none other than the K-State Wildcats. Ironically, if memory serves, the one other program ranked behind WSU was Rice, which has performed well of late.

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Examining the situation facing KU quarterback Jake Heaps

It appears as if the primary motivator for going with Cozart over Heaps has been Cozart's mobility. Last year's offensive line was a shadow of what KU has had in prior years, and they couldn't give Heaps the time he needed to get the ball out of his hands. Cozart moves well, but often throws the ball on the run, or takes off and makes plays on his own. The problem there is going to be Cozart's exposure to injury when he's running with the ball. Heaps may very well find himself with plenty of opportunities to play week in and week out if he sticks with Kansas.

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Charlie Weis should embrace risk with this year's Jayhawks

We've got nothing to lose. Why not take chances?

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KU football fosters confident mindset

It all starts with attitude, and this team appears to be headed in the right direction.

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