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Bill Self: College game needs work

Some ideas...

1. Shot clock to 30. Foul under 18 it goes back to 18, foul 18-30, no change in shot clock.
2. NBA 3 point line
3. No more conference officials. NCAA hires officials for all games (like professional sports). Therefore they can all be held to the exact same standards (or lack of standards, we are dealing with the NCAA after all).
4. 6 fouls per player instead of 5 (keeps better offense in game more = more points)
5. 4 time outs per team instead of 5

...but nobody asked me.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

I would be 110% behind this, but I don't know if the B12 has the intestinal fortitude to make a bold move like this. I would even go as far as adding 2 of Colorado State, Boise State, and BYU to get to 14 teams to protect against another conference trying to poach a couple of our members again. Minimum of 12 teams should be a mandate for being a power 5 conference, in my opinion, but who asked me...

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Source: David Beaty expected to be named KU's head coach, perhaps as soon as today

Ooh, 1 whole B12 win? Wow, hire that guy right away, he must be amazing. Oh, wait...

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Column: Make or break — CMU game could seal Weis’ fate

Two years...
Year 1 (2002): 2-10
Year 2 (2003): 6-6 with a loss in the Tangerine Bowl making his record that year 6-7

And that was with worse talent when he took it over and we had more (and better) teams in our conference. I never liked the Gill hire, I never liked the Weis hire. Third time is a charm? I hope so.

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GAMEDAY BREAKDOWN: A look at Kansas vs. Southeast Missouri State

Any chance it will be on AT&T Uverse? Anyone know?

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My picks for the 2014 KU football season

Run the ball? With what running backs?

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