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Layup defense and how it affects KU's perimeter players

The only flaw in the idea of focusing on recovering to the three point line, rather than rotating to the ball is that it's highly doubtful we would keep up the 2pt dominance. Jeff can't block every shot, especially if opponents are able to pass to open guys in the interior of the defense. You still have to guard inside out.

Also, take note of the recent analysis by Ken Pomeroy that shows that opponents 3 pt % is not highly dependent on the defense. Translated, it doesn't really matter what defense you try to have against the 3 pointer, it's not going to do much. Kenpom calls the 3 a "lottery ticket" because sometimes it will payoff and sometimes it won't. But the odds aren't based on what the defense, or really the offense, does.

My guess is any improvement we see in 3pt defense allowed will be because younger guys improve on their hard close out technique. There is definitely some to be seen in guys getting out to the shooters in control but with their hands up and being disruptive to the shot.

I think it's also important to note that while our 3pt% allowed is worse than our 2pt%, it's still not "bad". It's just average. And if you go back to the Kenpom analysis, that's about all you can really control.

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Lester 'shocked' by Perkins' resignation

Perkins didn't hire Self, but he kept him from going to OSU. Part of that is his relationship with Self. Part of it was being able to promise and deliver new facilities. We lost our last HOF coach because of an incompetent AD; it would have sucked to do it again after a NC. I thank Lew for that.

And I laugh at the idea that Mangino would have gotten the facilities because he asked for him and the money was "already coming". You must not remember the Frederick or Bohl era's. So all Allen and Mason had to do was ASK? Brilliant. Why didn't they think of that? Fact is Perkins made Football a priority here and backed it up with delivering the fundraising and doing it. He took lots of shots because he had to rub people wrong to do it. I thank him for that.

It's a shame that a lot of the things that happened recently happened. I think there is still a complacent/incompetent/corrupt underbelly that has existed for 15+years in the AD that Perkins was never able to (willing to) eradicate. Hopefully the next one can.

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How would you grade Lew Perkins' tenure at KU Athletics?

He was A until the ticket scandal. B since. Though the Gill ear is off to an inauspicious start, that doesn't make me question the decision to fire Mangino.

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Reaching new height(s): Taller, bulkier guard Elijah Johnson eager to prove himself in 2010-2011

With that talk of being guarded by a guy who is 6'6", it sound like Coach might be prepping EJ to play some 3 this year. I can see us going three guards regularly if Releford and Little can't hit the three.

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Releford confident in tweaked jump shot

I remember Releford's defense being pretty suspect his freshman year. If he's developed the ability to guard a 3, he could really be big for us.

With X and Sherron gone, the 3 is also going to be a problem. Selby is reportedly not a very consistent 3 pt threat and whoever we have at the three probably will be less accurate than X (at least if it's not Tyrel). Add Tyshawn (0-5 against UNI) and I see Reed and Morningstar getting unexpected minutes just to provide a threat from deep. I also wonder where Johnson fits in this mix.

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Prayers answered: Steven Johnson’s strenuous journey leads to rewarding opportunity to start at linebacker for KU

You alluded to some kind of problem with Mangino about Steve. Any follow up on what was going on there?

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Opurum move a gamble

Here's hoping Keegan is gone before Perkins. Keegan is a perfect example of how bereft of any sense of ethical journalism his generation of reporter is. And he dares to accuse anyone else of a witch hunt...

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KU’s Self earns perfect Academic Progress Report scores

I'm sure it's pretty simple to find out how the number is calculated. How about googling "NCAA APR". It's out there, I checked.

Or are you just trying to discredit this with your own ignorance? "If I don't know about it, it must be stupid; and it's got them durn numbers in it- fishy".

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Draft analyst lauds Morris twins

Here's hoping that Taylor doesn't think he needs to be Sherron next year. Even Sherron wasn't enough of "Sherron" to get us very far in the dance. Self's teams will always be better when all 5 guys are involved and the best shot is whoever is open. Last years team stagnated when Sherron tried to do too much and Cole was nearly guaranteed to shoot every time he got the ball in a post up.

Taylor is not Sherron and needs to understand that from the get go. Facilitate the offense. Penetrate at the right times (recognizing when to pull it up and not take a silly charge). Hit the *open* three after the ball has been moved several times. Probably most importantly: lock down the opponents best guard (Selby should not have to be relied on this way as a freshman).

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Sherron Collins agrees to deal with Bobcats

Could you please explain how Sherron "has shown in the past he isn't 100% dedicated to being a professional"? This weight myth just won't stop. Someone can explain to me how a guy with 9% body fat is overweight and lazy? He's not a bean pole, but he's also going to be able to take the pounding he'll get night in and night out in the league.

Sherron didn't get drafted because he's 5-10 and pretty close to his potential. They draft on huge upside. It had nothing to do with weight. And I bet if they had chosen ten guys who didn't get drafted and poled NBA GMs about who will make a roster and contribute, nearly every one would have identified Sherron.

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