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Nonconference, season-finale kickoff times announced for KU football's 2018 schedule

It's apart of the MAC's TV/streaming agreement with ESPN. It technically can be streamed through the TV if you have a Roku or stuff, but it costs $5 a month.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

The original point was fouling that early showed they were desperate. Obviously, every team can become desperate, including KU.

FWIW: Give OU credit for not making it obvious and against the rules. Instead, they fouled fighting for position down low. If OU was dumb, they would have jumped on Udoka's back or something and got called for an intentional foul.

We can complain all day about them fouling him, but every team does similar tactics. We got beat due to a poor coaching decision, let's hope it doesn't come back to bite.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

KU fouled at 2:25, 2:15 (free throws 2-2), 1:39 (free throws 2-2), 1:15 (free throws 0-1), :16 (free throws 0-2), :10 (free throws, 1-2). That's 5-7, not 1-4.

So from 2:25 on, Memphis had 8 possessions, and only 2 of them did KU play defense, the first one was a full court press that they got a steal on the inbounds, the 2nd one, was when the game was a 2 point game with under 40 seconds left.

So no, KU didn't play great defense. They starting fouling full court with 2:25 to go, let Memphis miss their free throws, and continued until they got back in the game, like OU did last night. Once OU took the lead, they didn't foul anyone

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

I assume you feel the same way about KU's 2008 national title and the cowardly tactic employed by Bill Self to intentionally foul Memphis with 2:25 to go in the game right?

Reality is, the tactic has been used by multiple coaches to win a game, including Bill Self and KU, which ultimately is the reason why KU has won a national title. The counter is to take out crappy FT shooters, rather than leaving them in.

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Hack-a-Dok: Free-throw shooting woes send KU home from Oklahoma in defeat

"I don't fault Kruger resorting to a really desperate type of play to win, but a win is a win. If that's all you have is to hack and foul to win, then win. I don't fault Kruger as much and he obviously realized that's all he had to win this game. It was his ACE move, which is not saying much for your team's ability."

I assume you think the same way for KU's 2008 national title right? Bill Self told his players to intentionally foul starting 2:25. 1st free throws were at 2:15 in that game. KU put on a press but fouled almost every play after that and let Memphis miss their free throws. Self "clearly didn't have much for his team's ability" and Memphis "clearly lost that game rather than KU winning it"

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Why KU must do more than try to limit Trae Young's points

All you have to do is send a double team at Trae. He freaks out, and usually turns it over or shoots a terrible shot, even for him. It's how KSU got all their turnovers on him, how Ok State got the ball out of his hands late, etc. WVU was physical with him because WVU is just a physical team. They also doubled him anytime a screen was thrown at Trae.

So, if Self is smart, it won't just be a hedge on Trae, it will be a double off any screen. He tries to throw it over, which ends up in a deflection, or he tries to split the double team and loses the ball.

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Freshman forward Billy Preston signs with European professional team, ends KU career

Who says the NCAA didn't make a decision? Maybe they said they aren't clearing him with that info, so instead of appealing, they chose to go overseas?

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Tom Keegan: It will take more than great coach to win loaded Big 12

Ellis was a great post player, as teams used to have to double team him anytime he caught it near the block. Lucas wasn't as big a threat as Ellis to score, but still scored. Udoka only scores on dunks. He doesn't actually make post moves.He just catches and dunks. So if Udoka gets it on the block, teams aren't as scared as they would be if they were facing Ellis or even Lucas, because they know Udoka hasn't played long enough, nor does he know how to do many post moves.

Newman was a top recruit, but he has never shown that. Not at Miss St, and not at KU. Cuncliffe wasn't a top recruit, even if he was top 10 in his position.

I do agree on Self's style, and I would attribute that to losing Danny Manning. Like I said, up until last year, Self's always had a post guy he could go through, and a lot of that was because Danny did so well with those guys. Self switched to playing with a 4 out 1 in style offense instead of 2 post players, and because he had Josh Jackson, it worked last year. This year, it hasn't worked because nobody can step up, and there's no depth.

I do believe, if Preston gets available, KU will move more towards that 2 post style offense, because it's what Self is comfortable in.

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Tom Keegan: It will take more than great coach to win loaded Big 12

In reality, the reason KU isn't winning is because this is one of the worst roster's Self has had. Let's go through the old rosters since Danny Manning left and compare them to this one.

2012/13: PG: Johnson (SR) SG: McLemore (Sat out year before, top recruit. FR), SF Releford (SR), PF: Young (SR) C: Withey (SR). Bigs Bench included: Ellis as a freshmen, Traylor as a freshmen. Backup guards were White and Tharpe.

2013/14: PG Tharpe (JR) SG: Selden (FR) SF: Wiggins (FR) PF: Ellis (SO) C: Embiid (FR)
Bigs Bench included: Black (SR), Traylor (SO), Lucas (FR). Guards bench: Mason, Greene, White.

2014/15: PG: Mason SG: Selden SF: Oubre Jr PF: Ellis C: Alexander
Bigs Bench: Traylor, Lucas, Mickleson. Guards bench: Greene, Graham, and Svi

2015/16: PG Mason SG: Graham SF: Selden PF: Ellis C: Lucas
Bigs Bench: Bragg, Traylor, Diallo, Mickleson. Guards bench: Svi, Greene, Vick

2016/17: PG: Mason SG: Graham SF: Svi PF: Jackson C: Lucas
Bigs Bench: Bragg, Coleby, Lightfoot. Guards Bench: Vick,

2017/18: PG: Graham SG: Svi SF: Garrett PF: Vick C: Azubuike
Bigs Bench: Lightfoot. Guards Bench: Newman, Cuncliff.

Ultimately, as you see the starters and bench from 2012 until this season, KU's always had a good big who could post, whether it was Ellis, Withey, Traylor, or Lucas. They also had a big off the bench, whether it was Traylor, Ellis, Diallo, etc. This year, they don't. If Preston gets eligible, he likely starts, Vick moves back to being a guard where he belongs, and KU still doesn't have a big off the bench.

Also, look at the guards/forwards KU has had since 2012. McLemore was a top pick, Wiggins and Embiid went 1st and 3rd, Oubre Jr went 15th, 2016 Diallo went in the 2nd round, but KU had Ellis who was a great college player. 2017 Jackson went 4th overall, and Mason, who was a great college player.

In 2018, KU's projected draft picks are all in the 2nd round, and none of them are great college players. KU has no post player besides Azubuike who doesn't actually make post moves, he just dunks it. I think you can clearly see the drop in post productions since Ellis left. Lucas was the same way last year. He didn't make a ton of post moves. The biggest difference is KU has no 1st round talent to save the team. So when you add in that they have no post player, and then no first round talent at the guard/forward spot, you understand why KU has lost 2 home games this year, WITH A WEAKER SCHEDULE.

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KU football adds 8th juco prospect, DL Charles Cole, to recruiting class

What got KU in the hole was A) Weis kicked 20+ players off the team when he got there because they were able to do anything they wanted under Gill, including not showing up to class, smoking weed in the locker rooms, etc. B) Weis recruiting top JUCO players who then didn't qualify and never made it to campus and C) Weis not putting effort into recruiting HS players who actually could make it.

So when Weis did that, the scholarship numbers decreased all around. What Beaty is doing, is recruiting JUCO players, so that the class of 2018 will have 6 or so HS commits. By their senior year, unless you throw on a ton of JUCO players and transfers, KU will end up with a senior class like this year.

What my issue is, Beaty knows it's now or never, even you would agree with this. The AD knows its now or never. So should Beaty fail, he'll be fired. The next coach isn't going to have a great class next year (you can look up almost any team who is transitioning coaches, the recruiting class #s are fairly different from before, usually worse by 10 in the rankings). So throw in this years class being bad (it's currently 10th in the Big 12, 71st in the nation) and next years being bad, KU's going to be in around the same hole they were in when Beaty took over. Tons of players leaving, very few young players coming in

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