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Did former Jayhawk Devonte' Graham catch a break or a bad deal with Charlotte on Sunday?

LOL at this guy calling people that can't stand the idiot that has taken a sledgehammer to our Constitution "loonies". Hey Bryce, you helped elect the biggest embarrassment in the history of our country. The NBA doesn't give a flip about you or your viewership. I avoid these comments because it reminds me that even my fellow KU fans can be narrow-minded twits that can make a story about the NBA political. Good god. People like you make me ashamed to be from Kansas. Glad I got the hell out

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Kansas earns No. 4 seed in Midwest, will face Northeastern in opening round

I’m with Craig. We will be good next year but Auburn might bring KU fans back to earth if this season hasn’t already done that. Laughable 3pt ability, sloppiness, lack of perimeter defense, no dog, etc...

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Tom Keegan: Silvio De Sousa says, 'I know I am going to play this year'

If De Sousa plays, this may be the best front court Kansas has ever fielded. Lawson, McCormack, De Sousa, Azubuike, hell even Lightfoot... look out people.. if he doesn’t... look out people

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Kansas recruit Trier set for area AAU tourney

It's just you Rodney. Cliff Alexander says hello

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Notebook: Former KU coach Ted Owens says reunion 'one of those great moments'; Johnson recovering from illness

JustiSe Winslow... We are recruiting this kid. It would be nice if the local sports news could spell his name right.

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Bill Self: Kansas set as realignment ramps up again

What the hell are you people talking about? There are no lines to read between. And speculation is one thing, but treating that speculation as a fact is ridiculous. He is injured And he got sick. That is all. Go about your day.

"don't even know why he is still on the team" you gotta be f'in kidding me

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Majerus-less SLU awaits KU in CBE finals

Hey awesome job dude! Way to edit! You proud of yourself or what?

What a loser

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Milton Doyle to play basketball at Kansas University

Kudude Is a good guy with LOTS of info to share. I know this from a site with WAY better posters than this one. You guys should treat other fans with more respect.

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Recruit Ioannis Papapetrou commits to Texas

We have a verbal commitment from Zach.

He is playing football this year and missed a round of AAU ball so he is underrated. Total athlete that will be a beast by the time Danny gets done with him.

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