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Emotional rescue: KU, Thomas Robinson hold it together, edge Texas

I wish the FOE thing would just go away. To me it was just a Morris Twin thing and it meant F the coaches, the fans, the media. The problem with it, especially with the Morris Twins, was when they really felt the chip on their shoulder they played great and without out it they were very average. I'd rather have guys like Hinrich and Collision who just "brought" their game every night because that's who they were and the didn't need to make up real and perceived slights to motivate them.

This is the first time I've heard it this year and I hope it's the last.

I'm sure there are those that disagree but FOE to you :)

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Texas guards take aim at KU

That was an insensitive comment. You must go to 10 women's basketball games as your punishment!

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Tweet nothings: Tyshawn Taylor scores 28, silences Twitterati

Well said brother.

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Tweet nothings: Tyshawn Taylor scores 28, silences Twitterati

Yea that's kind of like giving yourself a roofie, weird man.

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Kevin Young guns (and runs and rebounds and passes and … )

I like Jelly and Tyshawn can be peanut butter:

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Gary Bedore's KU notebook: Kansas to fete ’02 team

I follow the Wichita High School BBall. Mark my words, hear me now. We have not had a deadeye three point shooter since Jeff Boschee until.....Conner Frankamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Former Mangino assistant Clint Bowen to return as part of Charlie Weis’ staff

Hey I just got a new Samsung laptop yesterday and it came with free google and twitter!

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What's causing the delay in KU's quest to hire a defensive coordinator?

Here, there, hell we'll play em in Africa

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Oklahoma football transfer Justin McCay on hand for hoops

Great post and I know that this is a football article but when you say

"If you want to be a Jayhawk, get on board and enjoy the experience and blessing of the University of Kansas"

I can't help but think of Travis Releford who is a KC kid who had to sit on the bench a couple of years and then yesterday has his best game when we needed it most against K-State.

I love to root for kids like this and I hope we continue to get a lot of them in Basketball and Football.

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