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Yahoo report ties Josh Jackson's mother to FBI investigation into college basketball

I thought that Brown was slapped because he gave money to one of the players to go home to his grandmother's funeral. A benefit that would not have been available for another non athlete. I could be wrong, but that is what I remember.

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Is today the day for De Sousa or Preston news?

The NCAA made a couple of significant decisions yesterday, so maybe today is the day for KU to hear something. Yesterday's decisions were relative to the investigation that has been underway, let's hope our news has nothing to do with that.

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Jayhawks eager to try to solve Syracuse's 2-3 zone

Vick could have a big day and would not be surprised to see Lightfoot get an unusual number of assists.

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Bill Self, Jayhawks OK with imperfect dress rehearsal in 86-57 win over Fort Hays State

I don't think Andy and Barry are being negative but simply stating what type of performance everyone saw last night and also against Pittsburg State from Svi. I for one and I imagine everyone who is concerned about what type of contribution Svi is going to make this year, were so impressed with him when he came as a young freshman to the program and saw nothing but him growing into somewhat of a superstar, if not superstar at least a more than adequate starter.

You are not going to be a starter on a Self team if you are lousy on defense and Svi has be lousy on defense and that is about as kind as one can be regarding this part of his game. And the foul, it was childish and that is unacceptable from someone who has played as much ball as he has played.

You are not going to be on offensively every night but there isn't any excuse to not be on defensively.

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Former Missouri chancellor blames Bill Self for lack of Border War

I know Loftin personally, he was at A&M in Galveston. He was a little egotistical Napoleon wannabe and thought himself important. He is demonstrating his lack of fundamental intelligence with the comments attributed to him in this article. He knows nothing of the rivalry because he was not there but a hot minute when it ended and he would not understand what it was anyway. I guess he thinks the track coach should make the decision as to whether or not the basketball team should schedule Mizzery. Give me a break.

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'I gave every ounce I could': After 19 seasons, Paul Pierce retires

I couldn't agree with you more. Both of those games hit me pretty hard. I had just moved from KUMC and my parting gift was a basketball signed by that '97 team, a ball signed by what I was certain would be the national champs. I moved to Galveston and had to go to Houston to watch the game with fellow Jayhawks; I was so shocked at the loss that on my way back to Galveston I was going over 90 miles and hour and didn't realize it. Even in Texas they pull you over for going that fast. Needless to say the cop was not sympathetic, giving me a ticket for not only speeding but for also having a Kansas license plate, I had only been down here two months, one would think he would give me a break, especially after my sob story about the loss.
The '57 game was a radio broadcast for me and being much younger I was able to accept it easier than the '97 game but it too hurt.

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'Forgotten' no more: Coach and Naismith protégé John McLendon broke color barriers in basketball

I Could not agree more. What an icon and someone who would add to the legendary status of the Phog. Thanks for the story, I only hope we can get the opportunity to view in Texas.

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Jerod Haase: Return to Allen Fieldhouse was 'an emotional day'

I had just moved to Galveston and went to a bar in Houston to see the game. The drive back to Galveston was a blur, ended up I was stopped for speeding and didn't realize I was driving 90 mph. I had gotten as a gift, from the KU Med Ctr., a basketball signed by the players of that team, it was the only thing I wanted as a going away gift because I wanted a ball signed by the nat'l champions, I still can't believe we lost that game. If JH had not been injured we would have won. Paul almost got it done, but he needed a Haase to finish it...

Also agree with Jill, if we had shot a decent free throw percentage against Syracuse, the second worse lost, we would have won that game. Free throws are important, particularly in March and April.

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Notebook: Jackson 'sparked' Jayhawks in second half; KU-Stanford create series

Baylor wiped Oregon out of the top 10. I know their pre-season All American did not play but that was a significant victory.

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Fearless Frank: Mason drills game-winning shot for 77-75 win over No. 1 Duke

I would really like to see Udoka make a play and not congratulate himself after such a play. Hopefully Self will get him to stop his shenanigans and run back down court. I realize he is young but he needs to learn that he does not have time to flex every time he dunks the ball.

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