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Teammates for life, Kansas' Ochai Agbaji, Christian Braun taken 7 picks apart in Round 1 of 2022 NBA draft

Bryce, it's ironic that you are so disgusted by a culture that they - and their families - already embrace. And it's unlikely that these two classy young men will backslide into the hateful, nasty mentality of an era for which you so obviously long.

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins wins NBA title with Golden State Warriors

Yes - family a big part of Self basketball. Kerr's was a similar concept - Strength in Numbers. I wasn't really saying who may have stolen from who, just that they are similar philosophies. And that if you put certain things first, winning will follow.

Both had good relationships with strong father figures. Self is 3 years older and has indeed coached longer. Kerr's experience is from multiple perspectives - his mantra rooted in 15 years as a player, and years as a broadcaster and GM. Biggest influences were Lute Olson, Phil Jackson, Popovich, D'Antoni, and Gentry. He also learned what to avoid from dealing with certain coaches and GM's who were not as skilled or forthcoming.

Both are simply outstanding at what they do!!!

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins wins NBA title with Golden State Warriors

Rodney teaching me a thing or two

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins wins NBA title with Golden State Warriors

Wiggins was the perfect fit for the Warriors, and visa versa. He never wanted to be "The Guy," he just wanted to win. So of course, during the season (All Star), and Games 4 & 5 he WAS "The Guy." His defense on the best opposing player, game after game, team after team, was superb and relentless.

This GSW team has many similarities to the 2022 Jayhawks. Self said something like, this may not be the most athletic (best?) team, but they THINK they are. GS wasn't the most talented team, but they were the most "together" team. Like the 2022 Hawks, their defense won the day. Boston's #1 defense was amazing, but GS broke it down just enough. Point Guard by committee ran a superior offense. Fighting through injuries and missing championships, then finally being healthy for the championship. The blend of youth and veterans. And over the years both teams have preached ball movement and the extra pass.

Two pretty decent former college guards as coaches. Self + staff probably incorporate Kerr's core team values: competition, mindfulness, compassion and joy. Dream big Hawks for 2023!

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins sensational in bringing Golden State within 1 win of NBA title

He was a freshman for goodness sake!!! (As were Embiid, Selden, Lucas, AND Frank Mason. Perry Ellis was only a sophomore. They were BABIES! Imagine if they'd had one more year together.

Steve Kerr's passion and outspokenness is personal. As you well know his father was assassinated by a militant group when he was only 19. His being raised in Beirut, Egypt, and Pacific Palisades shaped his world view and his understanding and respect for different cultures, beliefs, and personalities. It forged a great compassion for those who have very little - especially a voice.

Your own character is exposed by disparaging his. Pastor Landon once again spreading the gospel of hate.

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Former Jayhawks Andrew Wiggins, Aaron Miles to battle it out for 2022 NBA title

"no expert on guns or politics?" In fact, Steve Kerr is very well read on major news topics. His brother-in-law is a professor of modern Chinese history at Cambridge. When Kerr was a freshman in college, his father - President of the American University in Beirut - was murdered. He probably knows a thing or two about guns and politics.

Yes, the NBA has sold out to China. So has much of our nation. Kerr hinted at not being able to speak freely during the China trip, “It’s a really bizarre international story. A lot of us don’t know what to make of it. It’s something I’m reading about like everyone else is, but I’m not gonna comment further.” Kerr added later, “Obviously, there are tremendous financial forces at play here too. So how you reconcile all that, I don’t know.”

"As Christians, we do love everyone." Well, except Biden, Obama, democrats, and quite likely the brown, the black, the gay, and the poor.

"We want the best for everyone." Yes - like the song in the Book of Mormon, "You and Me (But mostly ME)."

"those who perpetrate hatred and fear attempt to seize power through manipulation." You mean like redistricting to reduce the power of the black vote? The use of the filibuster? McConnell's denying Obama a Supreme Court pick? Cozying up to Putin? Laws to oppress women? Begging state officials to find more votes? The Jan. 6 insurrection?

"We protect them from groomers." Possibly.
Just not from being shot in school.

Only reason for attacking Christians = hypocrisy

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Kansas guard Christian Braun to keep his name in 2022 NBA draft

Adam - the average length of a career in the NBA is 4.5 years. So if Braun lasts only five years, he will have had a nice career. In addition, he's projected to go to the Warriors - which would be the exact fit you describe (not that the draft pans out anywhere near projections, but just saying).

Worst case scenario is that 3-5 years of "worldly" experience (traveling within a team bubble) would combine with 3 years of the same kind of experience in college, to give Christian an amazing 6-8 year foundation on which to build the rest of his life.

Honestly, I think it's an excellent decision.

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Jalen Wilson, who chose Kansas over UNC, recounts 'crazy journey' to title game

This kid is such a hard worker, and just has a great attitude about everything.

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 1 seed Kansas vs. No. 10 seed Miami (Fla.) - NCAA Elite Eight

well ... he probably gave one of those away to Weber when he opted to come to KU

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