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Randall Dent brings ‘D’ edge to O-line

I appreciate it! Cairo, believe it or not, is pretty safe. The demonstrations last weekend were WAY over blown by the media. Still good to keep my American self aware.

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A welcome back: Jayhawks excited for James Sims' return from suspension

I definitely will miss Bangkok! Crazy but fun place.

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Monday Rewind: Rice

Giving up would imply that I no longer follow or care about the team. I am up at 3am due to the time change to watch the game. I think I am allowed to paint out a reality and still call myself a fan. This year has a mission of progress that can still be accomplished but the Rice loss was a major hit.

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KU tied for turnover lead

What part of that was unreasonable? Webb was an average Big 12 QB. Winning 4-5 games with 3 easy non conference games shouldn't have been a stretch. By "KU being good", I simply meant relevant and showing obvious signs of improvement. At my most optimistic point, I saw this as a 4-6 win team.

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Change of pace: After Army, NIU shifts gears for KU

I agree that this program won't be built overnight but the thing about building is that it needs to be going solidly in the right direction. Had we beaten Rice and scored a touchdown against TCU, things would feel a lot different right now. We need to steal some victories this year to show progress.

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KU tied for turnover lead

Just remember the 2 and a half Reesing years... Makes me feel better.

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KU tied for turnover lead

Rice... The fans on this board who think that wasn't a giant loss are being delusional. Even Tait (sorry Matt!) has it wrong. Getting to 4-5 wins to prove this program is on the right track was essential for fans, players confidence, and recruits. The Rice loss really diminished our chances of getting to that number. Another 2-3 win season is not going to do much for the majority of fans or recruits. Need to beat NIU and steal a couple games in Big 12.

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KU tied for turnover lead

Hate to say it but thus far we seem to be wrong on one of our major off season expectations... The defensive line, the strength/conditioning, the coaching, and most other areas seem to be improved as we expected. We were wrong about Crist. <p>
I'm pretty moderate and level headed in my views and am usually slow to put blame on one or two guys. That being said, this is different. For us to be good this year, Crist HAD TO/HAS TO be a stud. Webb was an average Big 12 QB but that doesn't work when the rest of your roster is sub par by Big 12 standards. You need your most important position to compensate and thus far Crist has fallen short. Rice was a huge loss and a better than average QB could probably have made the difference. <p>
For those saying he needs a lot of time and patience are missing the point. He is a 5th year mercenary that is being asked to perform immediately. In the eyes of recruits, winning 4-5 games would have been a big sign of things to come and the chances of that fell dramatically when we lost to rice.

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Juco recruit Chris Jones orally commits to play basketball at Louisville

A JUCO guard, to me, suggests that they are not happy with Tharpe.

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Monday Rewind: Rice

As a one year starter, he does not get the luxury of time. If he doesn't get going in the next week or two, there should be some talk of getting Baty or Cummings some snaps. It only makes sense for Crist to play if is is vastly superior to the other guys. I can't imagine that being the case at the moment.

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