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Kansas football strength on rise

Coach-thank you for taking the time to rebuild this program. Sorry you had to endure a winless season but looking back at what you inherited, its not surprising. As a 32 year alum of the school, its great when the football and basketball programs are running on all cylinders like in the 90's with Roy and Glen and then in the 2000's with Bill and Mark. I for one support your rebuilding from the foundation up as I know this will sustain the program for years rather than throwing money at a quick fix that clearly devastated the program. I will make the trip from Florida to Memphis to watch that game and will bring one of my 3 sons-we went to the Duke game and had a great time even though we witnessed a blow out loss. We all need to support this team and show the players that we care about all their hard work. Coach, I hope to shake your hand at that game in Memphis to show I appreciate all your hard work-RCJH GoKU!

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