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A helping hand: Cole Aldrich gives back to community, shops for city youths

Major kudos to these kids who obviously "get it". They are a tribute to their parents and to a University system that raised them very well. Obviously very blessed themselves, they have chosen to share the fruits of their hard work and good fortune with others. Not a KU grad myself, but the father of one-----I never cease to be amazed at the amount of give back and love these kids show to KU and the Lawrence community. In my mind, it's the number of grads who continually return to the University and invest in the community after they've gone that speaks loudest to the legacy of the program. It's amazing-----and truly heartwarming! Rock Chalk.

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Tyrel Reed named first-team academic All-American

Congratulations Tyrel. Couldn't be happier for you and your family. Hard work and attention to detail pays off. Your family and the entire Jayhawk nation should be very proud of you in this great achievement. Speaks volumes about KU and the Kid. BTW---there is a place in Allen Fieldhouse where the Academic All-Americans are honored. It's back in one of the hallways but I have a picture of Cole there when they put his name up. Make room for the name of one more great Jayhawk!

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Xavier Henry happy to be headed home

Like everyone else, I've spent a good part of today running through the permutations of my bracket. I really think the NCAA lacks any balance in their seeding for all the reasons you've all stated. Permit me to vent on one issue----I keep seeing the Jayhawks meeting KSuck in the Nat'l semifinal. Shouldn't that be a bye? How many times do we need to prove it? It's not the freakin World Series. Okay I'm done. It is what it is, so let's go take care of business. RCJHGKU!

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Note to ’Cats: Don’t get ‘chippy’

Hey history of violations, By the sound of that handle you must be a Coach Cal fan. Calling Sherron a punk? Nice. I'll tell you what----he came from an environment where he could've easily become one. Instead he chooses KU, and becomes one of the winningest players in KU and CBB history. He's a great Dad and he's going to graduate. His story is everything that's right about this college game. Go wave your history of violations flag down in horse country. Sherron's a player, a winner, and more importantly, he's a leader.

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Don’t bet against Kansas

Knowledgeable and objective fans understand that nothing really matters until March---and well, it's March! March isn't about who you've been all season, or about who thought who would be great in preseason, it's about who you steps up and says the spotlight is mine. So let's settle in and enjoy March----the next 30 days will determine whether two Jayhawks are legitimate All-Americans or not. I think our men will shine and everything else will become very evident. It's time for our Jayhawks to go OFF and light it up. RCJH go KU!

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10 teams that can win it all: No. 4, Kentucky

Both KU and UK have loads of talent. KU rises above in two areas. Teamwork and Discipline. UK has neither and that's the difference. You cannot win the tourney without those two qualities. Ask the Fab 5, ask Phi Slamma, ask Derrick Rose, to name only a few.

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Gary Bedore's basketball notebook

Awesome honor for a great kid and an exceptional Jayhawk! Your hard work on and off the court are yet another testament to a program of the highest quality. You've made a wonderful and very positive contribution to the legacy that is KU basketball. My hat's off to you big fella. Keep working hard, there are still goals left on this years list. RCJH!

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Cole Aldrich: GOON

Wow. That's just a crazy characterization of Cole. Anyone who knows him would reject that immediately. Can't even imagine why a guy would go that way on Cole. It has to be the Mizzou thing---it's just so far off base. Everybody plays hard in league. Everybody. Maybe Cole should back off a little when he's got 2 and 3 people hanging on him all the time. Good Lord, a goon, an enforcer? I'm sure HCBS would like to see that come out once in awhile, but Cole controls his "inner weather" about as well as anybody. RCJH

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GameDay Cram Session: Oklahoma

Hey Jesse. Does Keegan ever get sick, or do you ever have a "guest host" on gameday cram? Just wondering. Let me know if you ever need me. I'll come down there and give you 5 minutes of my best stuff----all free. RCJHGKU!

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7 Things I Would Change About the College Basketball Experience

Really sorry I saw this so late. Just able to enjoy this letter, I felt I had to comment. I adjust addlow's 7 as follows:
#1) More college highlights, less pro. NBA is pretty irrelevant until April anyway.
#2) I replace #2 with rushing the court---gotta go
#3) What color dot for Erin Andrews?
#4) There won't ever be the Mr. Potato heads you seek. Mute TV, listen to play by play on radio.
#5) Agreed! Not likely to watch them play even if they played naked.
#6) at least give us split screen already.
#7) Agreed, need something fresh---maybe start over with the fanny slap.

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