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Here's what KU's 2013 basketball recruiting class would have looked like in previous years

Very nice Jesse.
Now, for your extra credit assignment.
Take the recruits KU actually got in those years and and place them at schools based on this year's placement.
In other words, Chalmers, Rush & Co. would have went elsewhere, Morris twins, TRob as well. but where, and who would have been there with them?
What made me think of the extra credit excercise was that out of all the recruits listed only Boschee and J.R. Giddens fell to Kansas both ways.
Interesting, ehh?

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The nation's reaction to top recruit Andrew Wiggins choosing Kansas

Those Twitter comments (sorry, Tweets) were so over the top I was slackjawed. As a native Kansan I take exception to being called hillbillies. I tend to think of hillbillies as from Appalachia, which includes Kentucky I believe, as opposed to the Midwest.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

With that type of logic then why not just sit at home and play video games for a year?

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

A private signing, oh so humble.
So why hold out to be the last to announce?

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KU basketball notebook: Wiggins may be nearing decision

Ahh, this would actually cause the NBA to change the rules to allow players out of high school again.

But who knows, Wilt might be more of a track guy, or a volleyball guy :)

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Ben McLemore’s former AAU coach says KU knew nothing about middleman

Well if we think about this long enough all kinds of paranoid thinking arises.
I do remember when BMac had the press conference declaring for the NBA Self mentioned that Ben needs to watch out for people coming out of the woodwork claiming to have his best interest in mind. I hope that was pure coincedence and not foreshadowing.

The AAU angle does offer an interesting idea however. Seeing how this Cobb character is one of several in the AAU ranks with more interest in money than the development of the players, and how agents (wanna-be's or actual) have desires to corrupt the High School to College to NBA progression perhaps the AAU could establish a post High School system (league by any other definition) where these agents/middlemen/family/friends put up all the money their sleezy hearts desire. In this way every High School player destined for the NBA can choose, one year of the Agents League (let capitalism reign free) or three years of college.

My other observations in this has to do with this NCAA rule that places the burden of responsibility on the student athlete for the actions of family, friends, etc. Last I checked I'm not responsible for the PRIVATE actions of my neighbors. It just seems a big stretch to think anyone can control a long lost cousin who MIGHT boast to a bling clad agent that he is TIGHT with the dude. Finally, where is the NBA in all this stuff regarding these agents? I would think it feasible for the NBA to put these people on an unapproved list and if a prospect uses such an agent they turn over some sizable dollars when drafted, or the teams they are drafted by pay a fine.

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How a fingertip, a late rotation and a great player contributed to Michigan's frantic comeback over KU

I can't believe this.

I read every post, every sentence in every post, every word in every sentence in every post and no one asked Jesse who the coach was.

Let me refresh for all:
" I had a college basketball coach go through video with me"

Please Jesse, do tell, who was the coach?

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Rio Adams might stay

Or as they say in Vegas
Elvis has left the building.

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UNC coach Roy Williams, Marcus Paige, James Michael McAdoo (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Marcus Paige is very well spoken, forthright and personable.

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Opinion: Naadir Tharpe takes Bill Self on wild ride ... to the Sweet 16

Did the referee make that visible count? As I watched I didn't see it & I usually notice those counts as well as crossing the time line & inbounding the ball. Beyond that, how is it that with 20 seconds to go in any blow out game the ref's never make that count.

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