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SEC welcomes Texas, Oklahoma after boards accept invitations

If I'm the big12 I'm making a play for the future. Cable TV is powerful but every year streaming services get bigger and bigger and bigger and honestly its the future. Most new smart TVs, computers and phones have streaming services such as Netflix. If I'm the BIG12 I'm getting on the phone with Netflix and collaborating on a BIG12 Network and rolling the dice on a streaming platform after 2025. You lost your heavy weights, I believe this would be all or nothing move.

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Texas, OU take first formal steps to leave Big 12; questions about future of KU's conference grow

Honestly this may be just empty threats by both schools to get more of the revenue. I believe that the BIG12 should look at adding Houston, SMU, Memphis and look at getting one of the Florida schools and the BIG12 just might survive this.

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KU football coaching search: 3 selling points for Lance Leipold

As a Kansas fan but also a life long/ current resident of the city of Buffalo, NY, with the team UB has coming back next year and the momentum UB has right now I don’t see Lance leaving for a place like KU. I think UB will open up the check book to keep Lance, trust me they can afford it, Plus their is a lot of A+ facilities that have been built and that are currently being built around the city. Too much momentum in the city right now for Lance to jump ship.

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With head coaching job vacant, Jayhawks endorse Emmett Jones

Whats wrong with making him a interim Head Coach for the season and see what he is able to do. You have nothing to lose, I'm sure most coaches aren't leaving their post at the start of spring football.

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Jeff Long out as KU athletic director amid fallout from football coach's departure

I knew his time was up the way he got on that press conference and was choking on his own words and talking nervous as ever.

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Les Miles done as KU's football coach

How does everyone feel on the HCLM firing. Do you all think he should of been able to stay or was firing him the right move?

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Les Miles done as KU's football coach

How about Reggie Mitchell as Head Coach?

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With Les Miles on leave, new O.C. serving as KU football's acting head coach

WOW! So it seems KU knew about the 2013 investigation. This athletics department is a hot mess right now. If you knew about the 2013 investigation I don't understand why put the guy on leave, assuming you did your due diligence when it was brought up when he was hired.

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NCAA moves toward allowing athletes to be paid sponsors


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Judge rules KU must turn over evidence in David Beaty lawsuit case

Essential KU can just keep on stalling years and years with the deep pockets they have, maybe they think it’s cheaper to drag this out until Beaty runs out of funds. Lawyer fees add up after a while.

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